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Unknown High-Tech(?) ancient war at Ayres Rock might shock you!

Uluru is a beautiful place. There are exquisite rock pools, with plenty of shade, until the onset of the scorching midday sun. 

The Mala people who reside around Ayres rock have a strange tale to tell which has been handed down from ancient times. Stories known by the Australian Aborigines are among the world’s oldest. Stories which date from the creation as they call it, are often at least tens of thousands of years old. Do they tell of an ancient high-tech world? They might just… though we don’t know for sure and there are a number of interpretations. 

The legend of the devil dingo, has aspects which sound just bizarre, until we perhaps interpret the story from the perspective of a possible ancient military offensive, using high technology that we cannot today fathom.

According to legend, most of the Mala were chased from their home at Ayres rock in deeply ancient times, by the Anungu people, who had in their possession an enormous devil dingo. The story is that the Anungu people from the Olgas, a scary weird group of mountains with Mars-like landscape, with windswept canyons that make it look like scenery out of a Star Wars movie, made an offer to the people of Ayres rock. They offered alliance and also that the Mala should abandon their own ceremonies at the Olgas and instead partake in their ceremonies at the Olgas. 

The Mala refused. In retribution, the Anungu used their black magic to summon up a devil dingo, an enormous creature. But dingo was only one of its forms. As it travelled towards Ayres rock, it was transforming, into a tree, as well as shapeshifting into a bird, and other creatures. 

It sounds a bit like Loki, an ancient devil, who could fly, and also had a son who was a dog, called Fenrir so this could be part mythology, but part something else! Alternately it sounds like different arms in an army, joining up, into one cohesive unit, airbourne, the bird transformation, snipers, the tree transformation, and armoured the dog transformation. 

When it reached Ayres Rock, the dingo, or others, fired missiles at the rock, allegedly causing the cratering seen today. According to another legend, the craters seen in the rock resemble the dingo’s footprints. We have to ask why the rock would suffer damage if it was just a stone-age attack. 

The Mala people eventually fled 200 kilometres to the south. Ancient desert warfare? Stone-age Warfare? Both or, just the latter? It’s really hard to say. 

Furthermore, the Mala aboriginals today cannot understand the pictures or the stories behind them as found in the rock art of Ayres rock. They are carbon dated to ten thousand years old. 

Many aborigines are thought to descend from migrations from India, thousands of years ago, and the Indians of course have tales of ancient high technology from an age undreamed of. We know that Vimanas according to legend, can come in different shapes, as the word simply means vehicle. For example there were Vimanas which could fly in the air, as well as under water. 

There is more, with the whole story spread out into a number of different legends. When the devil dingo reached the rock, the Mala hid in the hundreds of caves which litter the rock, so naturally the rock, with the shade and water it provides, could have been used as a great base for ancient guerrilla warfare, a stronghold. There is a different tale from Ayres rock regarding the battle between the Kunya, and Liru snake people. Over and over again, ancient godlike humans are described as snake people, throughout the world. the Viracocha when they landed in America were called snake people. The Indian legends of high technology describe the snake people as high-tech evil doers. Was this some ancient military badge or insignia? Does it relate to the caduceus symbol?

There is also a story of a retreat into the rocks, which is the Long Kath and Emu story. Apparently one hunter took the dead EMU which had been killed by the spear of other hunters. He retreated to a cave in Ayres rock to eat it but was smoked out by the hunters and burned alive. Does this story relate to the one about the ancient attack on Ayres rock by the devil dingo? Flamethrowers or some ancient technology? A lot of this is speculation, but I think it is reasonable to do so, IF we do have a high tech past, as the ancient Indian texts insist. 

(insert clip where is this devil dog?)
We all know that the ghostly devil dog doesn’t really exist, but weapons of war do. What sort of smokey, cantankerous, clattering mechanism was the devil dog anyway?
Was it some kind of army tank or similar mechanism? 

Thank you for watching and please join me in future videos, as we investigate further. 

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IS This is the STRANGEST Building in UK? (Contains Ancient Scientific Wi...

This structure is so exciting! The Rushton Triangular lodge appears to contain fascinating information and ideas pertaining to Pythagoreanism. This religion or way of life was a type of understanding perhaps learned by Pythagoras but we do not know the ultimate source!

In fact, it would seem that rather than this building expounding the trinity, as has been claimed, it actually expounds pythagoreanism! Sir Thomas Tresham (TT) spent 15 years locked up for being a catholic, designing this building. He had formerly possessed a huge library.

In fact, Pythagoreanism, was the physics of the 1500s, this was all before Newton. The idea was that a vibration would induce the creation of the universe. Here we see the building divided up into vibrations. It also represents the four states of matter and possibly also the three kingdoms of animal, vegetable and mineral! Wooohooo!

Saturday, 2 December 2017

THANK YOU for 20,000 SUBSCRIBERS! Let's do a Q

So happy to have 20k subscribers! Really awesome!

Ley Lines (ROADS) Across UK and Europe. PROOF of ICE AGE ADVANCED World!...

The St Michael's line across southern England is obviously an ancient road system which would have been glacier free throughout the ice age. It's designed to efficiently bisect Southern England, for purposes of economic exploitation. How many tens of thousands of years old?

There appear to be two types of Ley Lines! For instance, there are the stone-age leys, discovered by Alfred Watkins, which go from hill to hill. Then there are another type, which span countries and even continents and are truly, perfectly straight! These could be based upon ancient superhighways which followed the same routes. There was one in Southern England which may have been an ice age road, which went from the extreme west, (up to Helsinki) all the way to Lands End and perhaps further, to Lyonnesse!

The advanced super-civilization seems to have left behind relics of her former existence! Observe for instance the perfectly straight lines between cities, which must have originally been made out of recycled materials!

There was a Frenchman named, Xavier Guichard, who wrote a book called Eleusis Alesia, in which he stated that there were three basic names for any European city. These are Ales, (Alley!), Burgus, and Antium. He realised that the Alaise name was probably derived from a kind of rest stop where mineral water was found. However these are really rest stops on ancient superhighways!

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Legend holds Khufu found technological plans ("Spaceship Schematic?"). U...

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It would seem that Khufu actually found a document in Heliopolis in a Flint box which was a plan of the chambers of Thoth = Chamber's of Knowledge, some ancient building or even possibly Vimana from ancient times. It's all there in the Westcar papyrus.

In a way, this finally explains why a almost-stone-age person, Khufu, was able to build this pyramid, this enormous edifice, which incorporates all the ratios of planet earth, in such a structure, without possibly even being aware of why these measures and ratios had been selected.

In fact this explains the entire Giza complex. I have often wondered if the whole Giza complex was not designed on a computer. How else are all the mathematical ratios present, yet this could not have been done in Khufu's era. Besides, whoever heard of a machine made of stone?

However the Mahabharata states that one huge Vimana, or Celestial city, which was the translation for space station, in fact very much like the Stupa at Amaravati, which is unbelievable.

Of course all pyramids are really white space-ship like structures. Pyramid really means SPIRE-MIDDLE, the measurement of the central spire. Another measure was PERI-METER which is the circumference. None of these describe shapes. No-one knew what they ancient spaceships were like but people knew they wished to venerate the fallen Angel and even build him a craft to get back into heaven and defeat the other gods!

Discussed are the potters wheel on which man was created, which must really have been a centrifuge, and also, yet again, Adam's ribs. Cheers and consider supporting on Patreon. Wooohoooo!

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Name of "God King" buried in huge 'alien' Sarcophagus behind Sphinx is.....

A quick glance into Manetho's kinglists reveal that OSIRIS was a King of Egypt. So why do Archaeologists insist that a BULL was buried in the TOMB OF OSIRIS?!

Friday, 17 November 2017

"METEOROLOGY" DEBUNKED? Did the Stonehenge people have MORE ACCURATE Wea...

Does the MOON(?) control weather? SHOULD the MET Office be following the MET-onic cycle? 

I once sort of 'verified' this when I noticed the same pattern occurring day after day. First sun in the morning and then cool change and storm in the afternoon but the time of the storm kept shifting.... (with the moon's slight shift in position?) 

Every 19 years the moon returns to the exact same position in the sky and apparently, according to Ken Ring, one can simply go back in time and look at weather records to the day, to see what the weather will be like! 

A 'friend' tells you to "Be Realistic". Here is why you MUST ignore them.

They are really saying 'be average, look what everyone else is doing, be like everything or everyone else. Real has no part in what they are saying! It's like someone going up to Trillionaire Rockerfeller and saying 'people are poor, you can only work for miniumum age, I mean look at them! Be realistic will you!" Ridiculous and horrible advice!

Feng Shui works, but is NOT that Important! Clutter is OK if it is relev...

This is going to be controversial among Feng Shui people. I totally agree with Feng Shui, but it is so darn easy to get caught up in it and making everything 'perfect' and before you know it, ten years have gone by! 

I don't believe that simple offices, simple perfectly arranged offices are that useful! An office needs the look of being used or it's never really going to get used! (Get into the pattern!) some great minds had messy desks. Listen, a messy desk is fine so long as the mess on it is congruent with WHERE you want to go! 

If you "thought" a mountain was the same size as a molehill, might you t...

Of all the goals you are likely to accomplish, it is really the easiest goals which are congruent to existing patterns that we actually get done, rather than branching into new areas. One of the main reasons for this is our perception, which is ours and ours alone!

"Enthusiasm is the highest-paying job skill!" ONE HIDDEN Secret of VAN G...

There was a nobel-prize winning physicist called Edward Appleton, in the early part of the 20th century, who recognized that enthusiasm is a far higher and more important skill than being actually trained! 

Van Gogh actually recognized that the colours in his paintings are just like the fiery enthusiasm inside a mind! 

Strange fact! "Even a little Extra Effort Delivers Assymetric Payoffs!"

Interesting stuff, hope someone finds it useful!

This actually relates to Maxwell's Demon, and laws of physics.

"The Best is Yet to Come" Robin Hood Leadership

Robin Hood succeeded because he believed in a world where the best was yet to come!

Is the universe actually a "growing brain?"

What is going on here? The universe is really expanding because if we forget about the wet balloon theory of modern cosmology, and actually see this as a STRUCTURE we can see how this structure is being added to, in a bizarre and amazing, incredible way! 

Galactic interaction with Galactic Super-clusters is driving the onwards expansion of the universe like a human mind! 

What The "Greatest Minds" say about "Passion" will impress you!

Here are some quotes from some rather passionate people! 

Walter Chrysler: 

"The Real Secret of Success is Enthusiasm"


"What to ourselves in passion we propose, the passion ending, doth the purpose lose"

"Passion makes the Will Lord of the Reason"

Marcus Aurelius: 

"When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive - to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love!" 

"If it is not right do not do it. If it is not true, do not say it" 

Roald Dahl: 

"I began to realize how important it was to be an enthusiast in life... if you are interested in something, no matter what it is, go at it at full speed ahead. Embrace it with both arms, hug it, love it and above all become passionate about it. Lukewarm is no good. Hot is no good either. White hot and passionate is the only thing to be" 

If YOU will employ these "THREE" types of intuition, you will be a "SUCC...

Intuition is superbly important. This video describes THREE types of intuition which are paramount in your own development! 

1) You are forced out of bed by a subconscious nagging which pulls you to a certain place. You have no clue why. You meet a friend you once knew. 

2) You are forced to NOT do something. For instance skip that flight, don't get in that car. You have no idea why. The only explanation is that the brain is being repelled by a horrible future. It is wise to listen to this. 

3) You see an intuition which helps you. You see pictures and you KNOW a certain eventuality is real, because it has been already observed and measured by your mind. 

Well, with these types of intuition at your disposal, it is hoped that you can get out there and take on the world! Woohoo! 

From Charles Kos 

WHAT is going on in dreams? John Dunne's story might shock you?!

This video is about what is REALLY going on in dreams! 

And I hope it knocks your socks off, because this is really bizarre and odd! 

The stories you are about to hear, prove that there is far more going on in dreams than meets the eye, all our telepathic functions are actually at work, and can see into the past, present, as well as future. 

Firstly, Now, People in dreams seem to have their own artificial intelligence, or at least own brains, actual full sized brains, that is the only way to explain why they act identical to people in real life! And I really mean this. If you have really vivid dreams, you will start to see that people act according to their own thing that they have happening and interact with you as if what they are up to is important. 

Now that's because a dream is not just that which is based on your past experience. We all kind of know that our day to day experiences enter our dreams but something you may not know is that the brain, while sleeping, or perhaps all the time, is collecting information from our past, our present, and even our future. It was a man called John Dunn, at the end of the nineteenth century, who was determined to get to the bottom of it all. He kept a dream diary, and you can keep a dream diary too. He found that the brain was actually collecting events from the future which it used to place inside dreams! This was a form of prognostication in some respects! 

This part of the Video, I'm sourcing from Herbie Brennan's book, Time Travel. 

Dunn started paying attention to his dreams and started noticing the most incredible events transpiring. His dreams were predicting the future! His first indication that something was 'up' was that he dreamed that his watch had stopped at about 4:30 pm. He suddenly awoke, and then consulted his watch. Not only had it stopped, but the time registering was indeed 4:30 pm. 

That was just the beginning. Things just got weirder and weirder. He dreamed he was in Egypt and bumped into three British officers. They had walked from the Cape, all the way up to Egypt. How ridiculous, he thought, during the dream and even upon waking. He then consulted the latest newspaper and read: "The Cape to Cairo, Expedition at Khartown". This confirmed his dream. 

He also dreamed that he was on an island and a volcano was erupting. The dream told him that unless they were quickly evacuated, people would die. In the dream he was on a neighbouring island attempting again and again to persuade French authorities to evacuate the island, but to no avail. He woke up screaming that four thousand people would die. The next day the newspaper headline read that a volcano had erupted in French Martinique and forty thousand people were presumed dead.

In another dream he was on a balcony and there were fire hoses below. Suddenly smoke rolled in and suffocated everyone around him. He later read in the paper, yet again, that he had been correct. A fire had occured in a theater and the ladders had been too short to evacuate the people, smoke rolled in and smothered them. 

Dunn noticed that his dreams were never exactly the same as the future reality that would eventuate. Rather it was as if information from the future was indeed being received, but that this was being distorted by other operations in the mind, mixing with memories from past and present, before being presented as a dream. 

In one dream, a cigarette was flicked in Dunn's face. A few days later he was at the grinding wheel and sparks were flying into his face. Again, in another instance, he was, in a dream, trapped by a fence in a field with a wild horse. A few days later the dream came true, but the fence, which in the dream was a high wire fence was merely a low wooden fence in reality. 

In fact one of the reason that Dunn was receiving ideas from the future is that sleeping replicates the relaxation process which is necessary for any psychic material to be received. The brain might be compared to a series of waves across water. You need to still these waves to see down to the bottom, and receive information. 

Dunn eventually published a book about his experiences in 1927, called An Experiment with Time. 

Let's Find YOUR Totem (Spirit) Animal!

This is interesting stuff! Totem (also called Spirit Animals) are the counterpart of our own past present and future, but also our personality, expressed through the spirit world. 

In many ways the totem animal is an archetype of sorts which is expressed in the only way the universe knows how... a kind of waking dream... in which we see our totem animal, whether we actually see the creature, or only images of it in a trance. 

Every culture who emerged from Asia seems to have believed in the totem animal, Native Americans, Chinese, perhaps even the Egyptians who in part emerged from there! 

My own experience was to use a sacred lake, which was once sacred to the aboriginals, put myself into a trance and stare down into it. Then I saw images of my totem animal in my mind, and then realised what I had seen! This video explains how to do this! 

Three CRUCIAL Rules for becoming "INCREDIBLY LUCKY," that you might not ...

Three TRUE Rules for BECOMING INCREDIBLY LUCKY, that you won’t like! 

Rule number one: 

The first rule is your success in life is defined by the people around you. 
As soon as you meet or surround yourself with positive thinking people, you will actually be shocked, because instead of putting you down, like loser friends, they will rubbish your ideas of maintaining mediocrity and raise you to ridiculously high levels that you would never dream of achieving. The other thing is that your income will average that of those you surround yourself with. This is possible simply because it’s wrong for peers to have different levels of income and your subconsious makes you take action. 

Another thing you will find is that the successful people you surround yourself with… often on high incomes, at first appear to be completely unrealistic and almost and unnecessarily delusional in their optimistic thinking patterns. We soon find however, that the delusion was in fact our own! 

Norman Vincent Peale went so far as to state that a winner is a true believer, whereas a loser is skeptical and can’t believe in anything. At first this might seem the reverse of what reality really is, but if we look at some of the most famous entrpreneurs, they really did have some very fancy, almost megalomaniacal and crazy ideas, which did in fact come to fruition. 

Rule number two: 

If you slump into any chain of depression, drug abuse, or self abuse, by which I mean you carry chains about you of negativity fostered by some series of unlucky misfortunes, you will miss out on a great deal of luck which you may reject, out of some misguided sense of vengeance at the unvierse, or that you feel you will again be unsuccessful. Trust me, this is the best time to reverse your fortunes. 

In fact by missing the first piece of luck which might be offered to you, you will also miss out on a little-known principle of luck pyramiding, by which one pices of small luck results in more and more spectacular pieces of luck. This is how presidents sometimes rise to power. If you want to learn luck pyramiding, you had better develop your intuition skills. Rest assured that your natural intuition, however, will scream out to you when you should accept a piece of luck. Unfortunately if you are in a depressed, unhealty state you will not feel yourself in a position to accept. Perhpas never fall into one. Most of us ignore intuition anyway but animals follow it intead of the higher thinking of the upper brain. 

I was reading a book called How to Attract Good luck and it seems that Luck often compounds into more luck, and luck is formed by having a non-cynical openly friendly and beneficient attitude towards strangers, because almost all luck is made by interaction with other people, usually strangers, ratehr than friends, who actually cannot really show you anything they havn’t shown you already.

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Do birds, "Swear?" Why do animals make the same noise over and over?!

Do birds actually swear?

What's going on here?

Why do birds and other animals make the same noise over and over and over?

We know that crows have human-like intellect. Actually once some crows pretty clearly swore at me (in their own lingo, obviously), which I could not understand, yet it sound unmistakably and looked like swearing due to their body language.

Tourettes people don't need to think before swearing, it is just blurted out before it can be overridden by the more advanced parts of the mind!

Q and A, Answering your "tough questions!" about "Ancient Mysteries"

This video is my very first Q and A! Woooohooooo! Should be fun!

Questions answered INCLUDE:

Kos. Q&A question. What is your fave unsolved historical mystery
and why does it fascinate you so much. Also what's your PhD out of
curiosity? Love the alternative history stuff. There's far more to
history than we either know or are being taught and I hope some of
your theories prove correct for you someday in your lifetime as I
know the satisfaction it would give to see yourself correct all
along. I'll admit i'm a little jealous of all the places you get to
see. Take care and keep the good work up.

kosi ! on this snake thing , whats ur view on specialist doctors &
surgeons in oz who wear a badge with a snake on it ? every time i
time i see them , either as a patient or a visitor in our hospitals
,they exude a superiority & arrogance appears to be their
standard !

video, thank you muh question: What's your opinion on the growing
idea that the consensus #Scaligerian timelines have been altered to
shift many historical events into antiquity for various nefarious
purposes? People who've worked on the subject include A. #Fomenko, J. #Hardouin, N. #Morozov


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SECRET ("Masonic?") CODE revealed by MIDDAY SUNDIAL on 11/11?

This is at the Melbourne Shrine of Remembrance. Information pertaining to Pre-Egypt and Nephilim period? What is going on here?!

I was very honoured to attend the remembrance ceremony at the Melbourne Shrine. I was very curious to look to see if the symbolism associated with the London Cenotaph that I described in an earlier video (noticed by a friend of mine) is replicated at the Melbourne one. It seems to be, though in a different way!

Very curious is the effect of daylight savings in SHIFTING the originally-intended ritual from 11am to, 12pm! Thus, dawn, midday, and setting sun are venerated and incorporated into the Architecture, as in ancient times!

Monday, 13 November 2017

We don't know HOW St Patrick "Threw the Snakes out of Ireland, BUT..."

Ultimately, St Patrick was very iconoclastic. There is a huge anomaly going on... Ancient Ireland was full of Vikings, yet where are the Viking gravestones? There do not seem to be any. Did St Patrick actually get rid of them? They had snake and even four leaf clover imagery on them but they all seem to be from Denmark and Scandinavia only with a few in the UK. 

Some UK runestones do actually have snake imagery but you will never ever see this in Ireland! So, did St Patrick actually toss them all away!? 

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Re-Memberance Day. What could actually be going on might shock you!

Hello everybody. By the end of this video, let me tell you, you are going to be shocked, really shocked. Verything will be turned upside down. I have almost all of the information in this video via a friend called Tina silver who discovered it.
Becuase what the elites back in the nineteenth centry have been able to get away with this, back in the really old days, is mind blowing. And we’re still doing the same stuff today wiethout realising what it is we are doing!

The united states celebrates memorial day. Austrlia has Anzac day and the UK celebrates rememberance day. Some rememberane day monuemtns are really weird! When I say really weirtd, let me rephrase that. I mean downright outragous in terms of what they are getting away with! Cloaking ancient ritual as war ceremony.

You see, what is rememberance day in the UK is actually literally re-membering day. Let me say that again. Re-membering. You’ll see what I mean in a moment when I talk about Osiris!

Le’ts look at this picture of Isis as a falcon hovering over the mummy of Osiris to impregnate herself on her dead husband to regenerate.

What’s going on? According to legend, Osiris married his sister, Isis and their sons are Horus/Set. Osiris is tricked into getting into an empty box, box is sealed, and floated down the Nile.

Osiris is the mythological father of the god Horus, whose conception is described in the Osiris myth (a central myth in ancient Egyptian belief). The myth describes Osiris as having been killed by his brother Set, who wanted Osiris' throne. Isis finds the body of Osiris and hides it in the reeds where it is found and dismembered by Set. Isis retrieves and joins the fragmented pieces of Osiris, but cannot retrieve the phallus, which was swallowed by a fish.

Isis fashions a golden phallus, and briefly brings Osiris back to life by use of a spell that she learned from her father. This spell gave her time to become pregnant by Osiris before he again dies. Isis later gave birth to Horus. As such, since Horus was born after Osiris' resurrection, Horus became thought of as a representation of new beginnings and the vanquisher of the usurper Set.

 She Re-members him (add a gold phallus as the original one got eaten by a fish). Osiris has been stithced back together after his dismemberment, long enough to fertizize ISIS who is the bird, and then he’s free to die again. The whole of UK stops at 11am on 11/11 for this Re-Memberance ceremony, where the Q stands at the side of the Cenotaph (empty tomb) and only when it is sunny as shown in the pics, can you see she is standing in the shadow of the phallus like monument. At exactly 11/11 the sun is in alignment with the top of the monument, the Q faces the sun (Osirus) to lay her wreath! Notice the O shape on the side she faces, symbolising Osiris.

Wars start and end on symbolic dates. Imagine the outrage and confusion if back in ww1, the elite in the UK demanded everyone turn up,

stop what they are doing to salute the pairing of Osiris and Isis once a year ! So they wrap it up/cloak it.

Is this some weird freemason ritual that we are not really aware of? What’s going on here? The other thing is they did not want to buyild a christian monument but somethintg from the ancient past, which would be a secular monument.

If anyone is in london on the day, try and get a photograph and see what is going on for yourself! The shadow passes right down Parliament St, deliberately, on the 11/11, at 11am.

This was drawn by Scott Onstott from to verify the direction of the shadow along parliamentary street and did this actually strecth to whitehall also to fertilize that symbol of femininity.  The link is below and you can read up on this stuff. It’s really quite similar to the way the heelstone at stonehenge lurches its shadow into the center of the monument to fertilzie the altar stone, now underneath a collapsed sarsen, which was the only white or female stone at stonehenge.

There is a lot more. since it’s 11th hour of eleventh day of eleventh’s month, it’s a trinity of elevens. Also it’s 11 rather than 12, or 13, showing that Judas and Jesus are out of the way also, as a set was formerly 12 apostles plus one leader, hence it’s really more ressurection material.

They even say a prayer to osiris!

“Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn. At the going down of the sun, and in the morning We will remember them." So it’s solar worship and ressurection.

The second the sun rises, is the is moment of Osiris ejaculation from the golden penis which is a shaft of sunlight. Osiris is then free to die again.

So this ritual is also about the rebirth of the monarchy, as the monarch just stands right there during the ceremony. Of course probably nobody today attending know what’s going on, or why it’s designed this way. they are just following the rituatl set in place by the ancestors. Now why should it be this way? Well from the Empir style of Napoleon until the excavation of Tut’s tomb in 1923, about the time these memorials were built, everything egyptian, egytpain mummy stories and such fancies were very popular indeed, even egyptian style architecture, but this doesn’t explain the ritual.

The actual alignment is at 11:11am on 11/11 on the sun parellel with the top of the Cenotaph so it casts the phallis shadow for the Queen to stand in (whether it is sunny or not. he important thing is the royal plays Isis, hovering in the shadow getting impregnanted by the now Re-Membered Osiris (notice the O on the site of the Cenotaph)

Hence the fertizilation of the earth mother is occuring, in this modern monuemnt.
but for sure the main one in is London

The question is WHY? What’s going on. Also the number 11, the  1, 1, 1, does this refer to the first time, the resetting and fertility? This is obviously a freemasonic ceremony of some sort, conjured up in the 19th century or earlier, as the freemasons have so much Egyptian in their ceremonies.

Well it appears that they wanted to introdce the egytpain ceremony of fertility to make the British empire as long lived as Egypt, so that it would last for thousands and thousands of years. This was the decidsion of some unknown person, higher up.

And we have shrines and cenotaphs based on the same philosophy all over the british empire, which is unbelievable!

The Melbourne Shrine, whose design was no doub tselected by freemasosns, is actually a replica of the vanished  Mausuleum of Halicarnassus, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.  it’s really like walking around on the inside of a pyramid, which is precisely what it is. The question is why did they build this structure, to basically honour osiris?

Now this is the same in other commonwealth countries. The cenotaph in melbourne has a tomb of the unknown soldier. Is this actually, the tomb of osiris? What’s going on here?! This is really bizarre.

People were complaining and saying Melborune is going to be overshadowed by a huge tomb.

The excuse for making a pagan monument, or secular monuemtn was the many different religions and even different Christian religions who fought and died for the British Empire. At 11am on November 11 every year there is a lazer light show of sunlight, and the word ‘love’ is illuminated by the Sun. So we have the Sun God, blessing love. The thing which I think of is Newgrange in Ireland. If you actually go into Newgrange today they give you a light show to simulate what happens on midwinter. The show is ended by a stone blocking the light. It is a way of the Sun God Ra, or whatever he may have been called in Ireland, fertilizing a sacred stone. They have rebuilt that here. Our parliament house in canberra acutally looks like Irisih newgrange with a pyuramid on top.

 The thing which I think of is Newgrange in Ireland. If you actually go into Newgrange today they give you a light show to simulate what happens on midwinter. The show is ended by a stone blocking the light. It is a way of the Sun God Ra, or whatever he may have been called in Ireland, fertilizing a sacred stone. They have rebuilt that here. Our parliament house in canberra acutally looks like Irisih newgrange with a pyuramid on top. Therefore our modern monument not only commemorates the end of ww1, but also the start of summer... essentially the harvest season.

Rememberance day in 11 november... is actually St Martin’s day traditionally and guess what, St Martin is a military saint! He evangelised northern gaul with much slaughter, also the scene of the incredibly fight between Germany and France. They’re not even trying to hide this! Is this supposed to be some kind of coincidence? In fact it follows Halloween, which is just people going from door to door traditaionlly offering prayers for the dead in exchange for food. In fafct the MartinMas of 11th was a time fo celebration of agricultural fertiltiy, totally in line with the osiris legend. The season is marked by orion being prominent which is also osiris.

We may also note that there are lions on BOTH sides of hte building Melbroune shrine.. having lions guarding both sides of the sun and facing opposite directions ... with teh mausoleum itself representing Ra the sun god, we have each pair of lions representing the Gods SHU and TEFNET. IT’s the same if you go into the lion gate at Mycenae in Greece. You go under a gate flanked by two lions, implying u are now entereing a spirit place associated with solar worship....because that place is guarded by two lions, or a lion on each side. Therefore they somehow did a very clever thing by using Britannia and the lions they have also achieved the effect of representing the lion guard gods of Shu and Tefnet who watch over the solar temple from left and right.

On the East and West Wall buttresses the official guide tells us this is a 'female figure on a chariot drawn by a pair of lions in triumphal procession'. The guide tells us that A small child between the lions represents the generations unborn who will be heirs to freedom. - Actually in fact, they perhaps don't want to write, or the curator is unaware that this is basically Britannia, a figurehead goddess of the British empire, and based on the ancient british godess in roman britain and earlier. The ancient britons used to fight on chariots and the legacy of that is what you see here. It is perhaps to show that the british empire will continue to endure, and the lions are led by a baby, perhaps representing apollo the baby sun or even lucifer who lights and therefore leads the way, same as at Tiwanaku. The british empire has today lost it's relevance as an empire, so they write that it represents freedom.

Why lions? The lion is a very sacred animal. I read a book by As every hunter in primitive society and even today knows is that an animal is not just for meat but a connection with another spiritual realm. For example, in Zambia, even today if the hunters see two elephants copulating they will often head home because it means that someone is sleeping with their wife. As for the lion or other animals, the first animal of any species is always the hardest to kill. After that you recquire a spiritual afinity for the animal and you can take them easier. This is because after the first kill you acquire some of their power and now the spirit is attached to the animal. When they are hunting them they exist inside a spirit world of interaction which is similar to what is depicted on cave paintings. Since it becomes attached to the animal every time you kill another you need to do a ritual to ask it not to follow you around. They say oh spirit please don't follow me! When it comes to the lion, this along with the elephant is the king of the spirit animals. If you wish to hunt one, you can only do so while happy. If you do it with a heavy heart or with an angry heart you will never encounter one. The passion of the lion is seen as a positive energy incompatible with negative feelings. The lion is therefore an animal for advancement. Britannia is not just being pulled through space, but spiritually navigating the obstacles with two spirit guides.  To go through the lion gate at Mycenae is to go into another world.

The Goddess Britannia, is the link between Britain ancient Rome and Ancient Troy. Taht’s why the goddess is on the shrine. They are trying to prove a pedigree which goes back to troy and perhaps well beyond, all the way to Egypt. Firstly Britannia is the Goddess of Roman times. furthermore the Goddess comes from Turkey.

Thursday, 2 November 2017

Legend holds that Khufu was searching for the HUGE GIZA CHAMBER they Jus...

Khufu, according to the Westcar papyrus, was actually searching for the huge chamber they just discovered. In this video we prove that this really is a chamber. The buttressed structure does not allow for loose assemblages of rubble. 

The story goes that Khufu was searching for the 35,000 book library of Pre-Egypt. Who knows what he hoped to find. It would seem that along with digging the hell out of Giza, he renovated the pyramids as well, perhaps adding the casing stones. It is really impossible to say if Khufu built the pyramids but PUBLIC opinion does not seem to support the idea. At least he might have added the casing stones! 

The chamber is currently described in the media as a void. They can't call it a chamber if they want to be published, obviously, no worries about that! 

There is a REAL chamber of Thoth, first god of Egypt, possibly depicted on the Sphinx Stela, underneath the Sphinx, about 30 meters down, where it begins. 

This discovery, of this chamber, made with cosmic rays, is of intense interest to people interested in the lost high civilisation which preceded Egypt. Khufu himself seems to have been searching for it! 

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

We Might NEVER know why "'The Giza Pyramid has "NO writing?! " BUT...may...

Hello Hello Hello! 

One of the greatest mysteries, is why does the Great Pyramid not contain any significant writing, in a bizarre act of humility out of keeping with so-called builder Khufu's tyrannical nature? In fact it is one of the greatest of all questions, because in order to build a structure such as the Great pyramid, there must have been universities and libraries and all sorts of learned people who were obsessed with the written word and mathematics. 

The traditional view, in the late 19th century, was that no pyramid contained any texts. A young archaeologist called Gaston Maspero challenged this when he uncovered pyramids at Saqqara dating from later dynasties than the enigmatic 4th, that is the 5th and 6th dynasties, which were covered with texts inside. The texts describe protections for the king in the afterlife and are dated to about 2400 BC. To be perfectly blunt, the pyramid texts are little understood by anybody. Robert Bauval holds that they may only be understood from the perspective of ancient astronomy, which is why they otherwise make so little sense. They are above all religious texts, discovered in fifth dynasty pyramids, and also found in the Egyptian book of the Dead. 

Again, to be blunt, the content of the pyramid texts are primitive, savage, and ridiculous, and one wonders why they were scrawled in the chambers of fifth-dynasty pyramids to begin with. But then one looks at the pyramids themselves and there is not much to talk about. They were built from mud brick, very cheaply, and have all imploded into nothing. Even when they were new, they were very little to talk of in comparison with the earlier pyramids. They were certainly not built by the builders of the Great Pyramid, but probably inspired by it.  

So why did a more advanced culture skip the writing, whereas a more primitive later culture, filled their pyramid with writing? It doesn't seem to make any sense! 

The fact that all pyramids are built in the Delta area suggest that only tribes from the North which entered Egypt, taking the delta, actually built them. The similarity in terms of layout of Giza with the Chinese pyramids seems to suggest that tribes from somewhere in central Asia swept into Egypt, explaining why the fourth dynasty culturally seems to have built very different pyramids to the third dynasty. The third dynasty also may have emerged from the Assyrian region, with some mythical progenitor possibly later recalled as Abraham.

But again, why would a literate people fail to place hieroglyphics in their own pyramids?  

Here we have confusion as our answer. We of course have the primitive khufu car touch or name graffiti discovered inside the so-called relieving chambers above the King's chamber, but these were never meant to be seen and in fact are quarry marks, or even forgeries based on quarry marks seen in nearby quarries, as speculated. Zacheriah Sitchin describes a scenario in which the infamous British archaeologist and adventurer Colonel Vyse, was caught forging the grafitti with red paint, so he could have a discovery but this information is contested. A series of discoveries in the last 20 years however, with robots crawling up shafts in the pyramid have revealed more of these red marks inside the Great Pyramid. It does seem to settle the question of who built most of the great pyramid. Nevertheless the idea of a stone-age civilisation having built the Great pyramid leaves one uncomfortable and unsatisfied. It must at least have been built by a people who knew their civilisation was collapsing, realising they were the last of a once far greater civilziation. They wished to incorporate information into the great pyramid, technical information, which was not necessarily information they had themselves come up with, but that their ancestors have come up with, however bizarre, and incorporate this information into the great pyramid, largely in the form of some number code, but with other clues also. By making the pyramid as huge as possible, they ensured the secret was lying in plain sight, just waiting for discovery. In fact Khufu's father Sneferu built at least three pyramids, similar to the great pyramid. Did he die three times and was he buried in three different locations? Of course not. The freakish tomb theory makes little sense, yet archaeologists still persist with it, perhaps a case of Occam's razor gone mad, even if this theory has never satisfied any person of broad understanding and curiosity. 

Arab legends state that the Great Pyramid was built in the last days of a dying civilization, and before the flood, by a King, sometimes called Suphis or Surid, later mixed up with the memory of Cheops of Khufu, who realised that the end of Egypt or Pre-Egypt was approaching. He ordered the pyramid to incorporate the sum total of all ancient science and technology. It was then sealed. Thus for generations, the pyramids were plundered by people hunting treasure, inspired by this legend. Newton seems to have been aware of this legend, messing about with pyramid ratios in an attempt to work out the gravitational constant. 

Maybe the builders just didn't want it to have any writing because then this would allow the splendid sculpture to become dated! They wanted to create something grand and magnificent for all the ages, forever! They were building something to last forever! Perhaps they did not want to create anything which would cause a future iconoclasm, to give people a reason to destroy, such a magnificent set of monuments! 

It meant that the planning of this was incredible. We should perhaps bear in mind that the pyramids were built for a variety of reasons, most of them unknown. Of course this means that hundreds of committees, with meta committees of the finest minds, even brought from other lands for this purpose, would have churned out enormous amounts of paperwork! In the destruction of Egypt in the first intermediate period, centuries later, all this paperwork would have been burned in an orgy of rage and blodlust. 

One of the reasons for the Great Pyramid's construction, and the overall Giza complex, may have been religion, for instance Robert Bauval with his stellar alignments theory postulates that state ceremonies of ressurection took place inside the great pyramid.
Secular examiners of the 20th century, such as Kurt Mendelshon held that the great pyramid was an arbitrary structure chosen for construction in order to unify the nation. right the beginning of Egyptian history, behind a massive singular project. This would increase the power of the Egyptian state behind the king. This was actually also an argument of several of the ancient Greeks and Romans. One still however has to ask where the knowledge came from and in this way the argument seems to fall to pieces.  

Getting back to the argument for religion, most hieroglyphs are actually designed to have a visual impact, as well as a literary one. They are not necessarily just letters and syllables but a system known as logographic. Placing a picture next to a word, for instance, indicates the context of that word. Hieroglyphics were used for holy structures, like temples, with the shorthand version, hieratic used since old kingdom times for record keeping and business. By lacking any writing at all, the Egyptians or whomever, indicated that this was not a structure of business, or religion, or anything which they wished to define in any way but a mathematical and geometrical one. Then again, Herodotus in 450 BC wrote that the pyramids were covered in hieroglyphs which told the record of their construction, and that a ramp, which was more impressive than the pyramids, was also covered in hieroglyphs. No-one has ever reported this and there seems no evidence for it. Was he simply a babbling madman? 

Another reason for the construction of the Great Pyramid, was to possibly incorporate ancient scientific libraries into the very design and architecture of the great pyramid. 
In this way the science of the ancients would be transported to the future as a time capsule. Most knowledgeable people saw the way things were going and legend has it that astronomers had predicted an impending great catastrophe. Looking at pyramid ratios to make Biblical-style forecasting was invented in the 19th century but this is confused by even Wikipedia with everybody who seeks out ancient ratios in the design of the great pyramid. If so the builders of the great pyramid themselves could be accused of being pyramidologists for incorporating scientific information into the pyramid. 

Pyramidology in a way was invented by the pyramid builders themselves! There is so much information here, possibly even underappreciated information such as atomic information, certainly measurements of the earth, as well as other planets and the solar system. It is as if the Egyptians used the pyramids as a time capsule, to replace the nearby great library at Heliopolis. Herodotus in 450 BC, held the priests of Heliopolis to be the most learned of all the Egyptians, with the most reliable histories. This was all shifted to Alexandria in later times. By Roman times authors describe a city almost totally abandoned, despite the fabulous architecture and obelisks everywhere. Only a few priests remained to guard over what was left, the eternal ancient city of Egypt. Some authors such a Pliny put two and two together and realised that the famous obelisks of Heliopolis, which have generally all been shifted to cities like Rome and Paris, could represent solar rays coming down from heaven. The fascination of Heliopolis with the Sun could mean that the pyramid also encode information about the Sun, as well as so many other things.

Since there always was a huge library at Heliopolis, and there must have been, engineering books, and so many other books, on mathematics, and other topics, I think we can remove the idea that the builders did not have writing. In fact recent discoveries even point to the presence of hieratic-like texts, or shorthand Hieroglyphcis from Khufu's time, even writing supposedly describing the construction of the pyramids, although I have a feeling it was more like a major renovation of a pre-existing structure. Particularly since the Inveotry stela, found on a Giza temple dating from 670 BC, descries Khufu has having found and renovated a pre-existing temple. Perhaps he merely added the casing stones, and carried out some internal renovations, itself worthy of a tremendous achievement, also possibly re carving the sphinx into the image of a face which seems to match his chin, possibly a member of his family. 

Perhaps it was decided that the pyramids were simply replacing the Sun City's library and decided to encode as much information as possible into them. By skipping the writing, they possibly figured that they would produce a question in the minds of future people... what information is contained in the building itself? 

Guys thanks very much.. 

Thursday, 26 October 2017

Reacting to (and trying to explain) MOST FREAKISHLY "WACKO" OLMEC STUFF!?

The Olmecs, located in Mexico, constitute one of the earliest known civilizations in the Americas. Part of their mystery is about trying to understand their bizarre artistic rules and motif. 

The Olmecs certainly have a very large Chinese component to their culture, even a picture of a dragon with no wings, typical of Asia. Like the Chinese, they worked with Jade. But there is a lot more going on as well... The name Ku-Fu is actually pure Chinese. The Chinese pyramids are so much like the Egyptian pyramids and in addition, Both Olmecs and Egyptians worshipped Cats and Snakes, which both seem to express similar facial DNA as well as behaviours. There is something very feline about the way snakes move, and vice versa! 

What it really boils down to, is the concept of diffusion, as well as the fact that Olmec reliefs are incorporating snake, as well as 'jaguar' elements, to make them holy. This is the origin of the weirdness factor! Or at least one of them. 

The Olmec heads, might seem to actually be pre-End of Ice Age. I say this because they are very distinct and different from all the Jaguar-style Art which looks more Chinese. 

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

OOPS.. "FAT GARDEN BUDH" is "NOT Actually" G. Buddha (400BC), but "Prome...

What your Garden Budh did sixty thousand years ago, may shock you! 

Have you ever wondered about the history and story behind the Garden Budh? Guatama Buddha was a historical figure who lived four centuries before Christ. He rebelled against regimentation and desparing at the transience of life, spent his life in prayer and fasting. His promulgation of a set of earlier doctrines triggered their spread throughout Asia. Since everything alive was said to have been re-incarnated from something earlier, he was said to have been the re-incarnation of an ealrier set of buddhas, going back in time to an indefinite era that no-one can identify. 

Your garden budh represents Guatama Buddha also since all buddhas are linked but before Guatama was born he was someone else. 

It is hard to reconcile a fasting austere man with the laughing fat man who seems to be forever at happy peace. 

The first clues as to the fat mans' origin are his ears. They are often depicted as stretched, elongated. In fact Buddha is a long ear, like the ruling class of easter island until they were wiped out in the 1600s, during a crop failure in the little ice age, by their unruly subjects, the short years. 

By tracing the laughing fat man to his ultimate origins we discover a history so incredible that it bloows the mind. 

There is always a legend of some god of knowledge. He came down and taught people writing and everything. Often this god was seen as the bad guy. WHY?! Why is the god of knowledge the bad guy? 

Here is a scenario that I believe in.  

Eighty thousand years ago were the final days of a great and glorious civilization hundreds of thousands of years old. great straight roads had been built across continents, now existing possibly as rumours of tunnels underground, often mistaken or used as mines, whose cities were later cannibalised into descendent cities, retainining alignemtns with other cities despite no present roads linking them. 

seventuy thosuand years ago the great lost supercivilzation, with a technology far exceeding ours was already in decline. At the time the Toba volcano erupted, possibly in conjunction with other massive disasters. geneticisits tell us there was an enormous bottle neck in the populations of most world species at this time, implying that there were very few survivals and all reproduced subsequently from a tiny number. Solon too, was told that humans reproduced from a very tiny number, who survived allt he catastrophies. 

Be this as it may. the eruption, or any catastrophe, would have affected one side of the earth disproportionately, compared to the other side fo the planet. For example 12,000 eyars ago, carp;oma nau impacts. also in norway and russia, seem to have wiped out all prior memory in the northern hemisphere. 

what was left was that one hemisphere retained some vestiges of high technologhy, with the other side of the planet reduced to the stone age. What followed was a period of survival and consolidation and warfare. One side of the planet battled away with laser canons while the other used sticks and stones.  

By the time the dust settled, generations had passed. Victors emerged with their flying craft trying to recolonize the other portions of the world, which had fallen into the middle ages, spreading their steampunk-level or more advanced empires. Legends grew up of wars fought in heaven. The underdogs in teh war sought to swell their ranks by raising the medieval civilzaitions out of hte abyss, with new technologies and other ideas, hence hte memory of teacher gods. 

We are now post toba, in an entirely uncertain period, but one described by the Mahabharata war. 

Any catastrophe, unless it is a nuclear exchange, must by its nature affect one side of the planet more disproportionately than the other, economicalyl and physically. It seems that victors from the high-tech side of the planet, attempted to re-settle the low-tech side of the planet. They wished to acheive their dream of uniting the world with one language, as it had been in times of old. 

Based u[on the spread of populations, the oxford dictionary of world mytholgoy actually tells us that the joker god, mankind's olderst god, seems to date from 60,000 eyars ago! This correlates very well with the advent of the toba eruption! 

This IS the ancient giant, the fallen Angel. What's going on here? 

Look at the Zburch idol for another picture of Budh, a wide-heade dgiant. In the middle is middle earth, our plane, the plane of mankind. Above are the giants of asgard, including a ring lord, similar to Hephastus, builder of technology. Below we see a giant actually holding up middle earth, he lurks in hell. What is he doing down there and who is he? He almost looks like an easter island statue. He is quite simply another giant or one of the nephilim, but underground. He is the fallen angel, cast down out of heaven in an epic war, tens of thousands of years ago, and remembered in this way. 

I beleive this was a sort of device, to venerate, but to also teach children the three levels of earth, as well as germanic mythology. Imprisoned below, a snake dripped acid on the fallen angel. This was captured in a bucket by his wife but he writhed in pain when she had to go empty the bucket. The parents could have used this as a teaching device and would have pointed out that as acid dripped on Loki, this would cause earthquakes. Meanwhile the archaeologists say the whole thing is just another idol. 

But what is it all about? They seem to have been remembering a scientific event, from eons earlier, high technology. 

This could be Budh, or could be Loki. In fact Budh, or Loki, is presented as about half the height of the gods in the heaven. In the Bible we know there are Giants and then Nephilim which are half gods. These were the bad batch, who broke the laws of heaven, in mating with the regular humans, and are threfore presented as half the size, and on earth, or even under the earth, being punlichsed. 

Here we see something of a confusion between the legends. 

Who is this ancient creator and why would the legends say that the first god already had the alphabet and technology? How do we explain this? 

Depicing the Budh as fat is therefore another way of representing, essentially, an ancient giant. You either increase the height, or the bredth. 

In.... due to a fearsome palace coup, 10,000 Chinese sailed out into the Pacific. They knew not where they were going, except that it would be safer thwna where they were. Those who made it to Mexico combinend with the natives to found a new civilization, the Olmecs, and the Chavin de Huantor, taking much chinese culture with them, the pyramids, number system, which was later handed to the maya, 

Are these olmec heads more representations of the giant Budh? How about the statues of easter island? Perhaps more of the same? An exhortation of sympathetic magic, demanding the reappearnce of the creator god. 

They carried with them, possibly for good luck, a representation of the memory of the ancient giant, who at one time helped mankind! 

Budh, Odin, one and the same, but their roles are confused. In fact the stories of each god seem to intermingle somewhat. At the end of the day, the names, which vary from tribe to tribe do not matter as much as the stories behind them, which are primordial and relate to a time beyond imagination. They were passed on from generation to generation, even after the original context was lost, becuase they were thought to be too important to be lost forever. They are the abbreviated versions of much longer tales, some of which are found in the Indian Mahabharata, an extraordinary text, unbelievable as it is a survival of times from before 50,000 yars ago. 

This idol from Bali was in a friend's house. I asked them what they thought it was. They said Buddha. I pointed out that he is a sleeping and content. He is sort of like a sleeping giant, and even sits beneath a kind of pyramid. There is a recurring legend that King Arthur as well as Barbarossa are asleep underground waiting for their people's direst need to awaken. Is this when the ancietn god was thought to have returned bearing superior technology, lend-lease technologies to subject peoples? 

What occured is that half the world was possibly obliterated in the eruption, with the survivors on the other half taking generations to rebuild their technology and regoup. Then they would land on the medieval side of the earth, over here, 

The Egyptians held the artifier, Hephaustus, god of technology, to be their first god, implying gods landed in Egypt, or elsewhere, from another part of the planet, or ultimately elsewhere, an outer space colony, . 

Later, nuclear war or even another catastrophe devastated the advanced side of hte planet, an inferno, leaving only reliques of technology and godlike kings on the primitive side of the planet, to rebuild. Hence the legends of gods coming down from heaven. They were really coming to colonize, to expand their own empires, and mating with women, having left their own women at home, was the fastest way to accomplish this, especially if they became marooned. We therefore lack many ancient technological texts as texts from the primitive side survive as well. 

In examining the Zburch idol we can see that they present the ancient gods, the giants, as heavenly, and the half gods, the nephilim, as cast to earth and underground. They could not perhaps conceive that the giants, not being originally synonymous with gods, and very human, should have too roamed the earth. I call the giant era the time of 120k-60k BC, the time after that, until the great catastrophe of 12,000 BC, i call the Nephilim Era. Humans lived in places such as Egypt. The stones of Baalbek and the Giza buried temples may have been hewn in this time, the era before the great catastrophe of 12,000 BC. The worldwide nephilim empire used geopolymer and advanced cutting technologies. Over time as they were separated, technologies varied, but they continuied to share with each other. Eventually hte distinction between nephilim and regular human was lost. Worldwide trade broke down and people forgot their international connections after periods of long dark ages and further cataclysm. 

Is this what happened? How innocent, are you, Garden Budh? 


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