Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Moses' Snake Staff.... came alive... DNA? 80,000 year old Ancient Clonin...

Moses staff story relates to distant supercivilization?

What's going on here? As I like to say! 

"BANNED" Egyptian Temple you CANNOT ENTER contains unwelcome secret!


 This is really interesting! The penis cult was worldwide. 8 months ago I made a video arguing that Sodom was in fact a city where the Penis Cult was celebrated. This cult was extant everywhere in Asia. As examples, we cite the Zbruch Idol, the Irish Round Towers, the Shiva Linga, etc!

The famous Temple of Luxor, Egypt, features an unwelcome side secret... a temple which is utterly fenced off and permanently closed from the public? Why? Quite simply it is the penis of a huge man-shaped temple, the temple of Luxor!

It we trace a line across the desert, the penis ends in a sunken pre-diluvian harbour.

Valetta, Malta appears to be in the shape of a woman! Incredible Stuff!

Saturday, 19 August 2017

Ancient Alignments with "Leo" at Angkor Wat!?

Alignments of Leo at Angkor Wat?

What if the alignment at Angkor Wat is not actually Draco but Leo and refers to the Age of Leo, 10,500 BC to 8000 BC?

Friday, 18 August 2017

Why would "Soft Tissue", be found in "Fossilised Dinosaurs?" Cloned by "...

 Soft Tissue Found in Dinosaurs? What's the reason for this?

Soft tissue found a professor fired from his work for heretical
findings! Here we propose the explanation for what might have occurred!

tissue has been noticed in dinosaur remains for at least the past ten
years. They have been blood cells, collagen fibres, blood, the works!
What's going on? We propose these are clones of the last super
civilization. Think about it. If a dinosaur was found to be about 10,000
years of age, by carbon date, it is NOT going to be publishable by any
journal so they fudge it all up with guestimates. It could take
generations for the actual truth to emerge!

We give a complete
picture. The super-civilization of one billion Nikola Teslas had tens of
thousands of super-scientific minds, cloning lost animals and
replenishing the earth. Nevertheless a combination of nuclear warfare,
not to mention the Toba eruption, removed this civilization from the

Before its eventual demise, scientists of this lost
world decided to restore the earth to the "factory configuration" of the
planet, as it was before the advent of the massive human civilization.
'Arks of the Covenant' as autonomous vehicles of environmental change
were deposited in the four corners of the planet. Thousands of years
after the destruction, and powered by fusion reactors that I read as the
'Tsohar' a passage found in the Bible regarding Noah's Ark, and which I
cover in another video, the Ark began its transformations.

Ark, of which there may have been many, was recovered by the Nephilim,
remnants of the former giants, and placed in the great pyramid, which
was possibly a containment device. It would have broken out of its area
with explosive devices, rockets, whatever. Flares containing genetic
agents were released, wiping out and 'resetting' life as was known.
After a period of time, new species were introduced from the Ark. The
entire thing is remembered, erroneously as 'Noah's Ark'.

system went a little haywire in the Amazon. Weeds are what is supposed
to go out of control, taking over from 'native plants'. How else are we
to describe the Amazon? Part of the genetic expression was to
re-establish dinosaurs which are found in Africa, until the 20th

The maps they show of the colonization of the earth by
humans are 'a bunch of "carp"'. Firstly they merely show the
re-colonization following the Toba eruption. Secondly, they show mankind
recolonizing in utterly the wrong direction. In fact they colonized
into Africa which is why there is Still (surprisingly) megafauna there,
as well as dinosaurs until the 20th century.

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

BIZARRE German church retains religion of OLD EUROPE!? (c.5000 BC?)

Weird Church In Germany! 

A church in Soest, Germany appears to venerate the Triple Goddess as well as Yggdrasil...

PALENQUE 'ASTRONAUT' or WORLD TREE? BOTH "indicate"... 'Journey to Heave...

The Palenque Astronaut!

You look at what is happening on the Palenque Sarcophagus lid... It's supposed to be a relief depicting the afterlife for King Pakal. It shows him combining with the world tree so he can ascend to heaven. I think that the Mayans once had the same stories depicting space journeys as ancient India and the technological memories of that have combined with the mythological imagery of the World Tree. It doesn't have to be 'either' but could be 'both'. 

Saturday, 12 August 2017

Interviewed by "Conspiracy or Not Here We Come". Topic: "Lost High Society"

Interviewed by Conspiracy or Not Here we Come! 

This was very exciting and a great conversation! We cover Christopher Dunn's Giza Power Plant theory and other topics such as Yonaguni, etc.