Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Was It was "VIRACOCHA" DISEASES which wiped out the MAYA EMPIRE in c.800...

Check my latest video! Was it Viracocha diseases, ie that is, the plague of JUSTINIAN, brought by IRISH travellers or some other Viracocha, direct to the Yucatan peninsula? https://youtu.be/u6GIWI9oq3E

Thursday, 22 June 2017

PARADIGM SHIFT: Enormous CITY discovered next to Angkor Wat!! Prester Jo...

Humungous city discovered next to Angkor Wat. Both a revolution in paradigms, as well as possible location for Prester John's kingdom? (Could it have been India as well?)

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

The Numidian Romans (Algerians) copied the INDIAN Sanchi Stupa Also? Wan...

An even closer resemblance to the Sanchi Stupa than the Pantheon lies in Algeria. It is known as the Tomb of a Roman Queen. 

Did "Stoic"(Buddhist) Romans, returning from INDIA, build the PANTHEON t...

It would seem that the Romans copied the Sanchi Stupa. Their Stocism is also so simlar to Buddhism.

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Indians plastered ATOMIC THEORY across their monuments?! Drew atoms!

Ancient India knew atomic power! Woohoo!

"Carl Wark" Northern UK. Are these an ancient superfortress, or just mes...

Carl Wark is basically an ancient megafortress. Amazing. Absolutely amazing!

THIS is behind the SEVENTH DOOR. (dangerous GMO LAB?) EVIDENCE

There is various evidence that looked behind this crazy door is in fact an ancient GMO lab. The information is encoded in the door!

Last supercivilization lost in catastrophe. Archaeologists silent. Why?

My discussion of what's up with archaeology, mythologists, ancient historians, on why they are not discussing the obvious lost civilization responsible for so many lost technologies.

Saturday, 17 June 2017

'Greys' are human and "destroyed the Earth" in 10,000 years. Messed with...

In this scneario, greys have utterly destroyed planet earth! They are coming back through time by using quantum entanglement technologies.

70,000-years-old 'Machined Pillar' and THAT indestructable iron pillar. ...

Absolutely unbelievable ancient machined pillars and the bizarre indestructable Iron Pillar. Must have been made by ancient supercivilization that was destroyed in the Toba explosion!

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Bizarre "Rowtor Rocks" are a fossilised ''Silo/factory', from lost hyper...

Fossilisation of rocks can occur via many means indeed. In this case, it would seem that we could be looking at a facility of some kind, from a lost hypercivilization? Fossilisation of this facility or factory, would occur by becoming encased in lava, which is what it resembles.

Egyptian Polygonal "Megalithic" walls... 3700 BC!! They say... "New King...

According to Norman Lockyer, who wrote an epic and brilliant book: "the Dawn of Astronomy", the Karnak temple dates to 3700 BC, when it was at prime solstice alignment. YET! This is supposed to be a New Kingdom Temple. Guess what... it has as polygonal wall

Baalbek is 37,000 years old?! Built by 'Romans', so why did "Biblical Gi...

How odd that this Roman building should have had a door carved in it by possibly ancient giants?! Baalbek was possibly constructed by ancient giants.

Monday, 12 June 2017

"Experts," "solved" the Paulding Light as headlights. Ignored decaying P...

Check out this video on the Paulding light! This is an incredible visual phenomenon found in Michigan. We travel there and find out what's really going on. "Experts" claim that it is just headlights. The truth... it is not just headlights! 

Monday, 5 June 2017

Discovering a 2000 + year stone "Viracocha" mega-Castle. "They" say stor...

This is just incredible. There appears to be a huge, enormous, buried stone fortress located in Ohio. It seems to have been a fortress of the Viracocha! Astounding! The blocks are cut just like they do in Ireland, Scara Brahe. They also say the Viracocha tale is a fairy tale! Nonsense! It's real!

Was "Earth Energy" used to place Serpent Mound at 'Ancient Catastrophe' ...

Check this out! It would seem that Earth Energy was tapped into by ancient shamans, in their decision to place the Serpent Mound, Ohio, in this particular location! Additional discoveries from being at the site: It would seem there is a leeline, which the serpent mound is part of. It's a pyramid on the other side of the ravine which the Serpent happens to be pointing to. I was very excited coming here, realising that this was on a hill, and that there would be leelines to look out for!

Sunday, 26 March 2017

Saturday, 25 March 2017

Is it "forbidden" to say the Giza people built these "Inca" buildings in...

MYTH: The Fourth Dynasty reigned in Egypt, localised there.
REALITY: The Fourth Dynasty is a modern historical representation for an ancient culture of WORLDWIDE builders, the same as the proto-Inca described in other videos. Here are their monuments in Europe.

They were little like the third dynasty of Egypt, as indicated, who did not share a predeliction or compulsion for overengineering.

Unequivocally, these buildings are created by the same hand which created the Giza pyramids, as well as "proto-Inca" structures described in the previous videos.

The Structures described:

* The Saint Christina Well, Sardinia: Officially Bronze age, I think "Copper Age" of 2500-3000 BC or much much earlier. (hard BASALT!)
* A second sacred well in Sardinia which has 'knobs' for joins as well as polygonal and perfect masonry.
* The "Tsarsky Kurgan", Crimea, officially 400 BC or so but contains polygonal structures indicative of far earlier date.
* The Tholos Tomb of Mycenae, officially Bronze Age.
* The Ancient Pyramid complex of Khazakstan, c.3000 BC.
* The Sanctuary of Demeter, (Earth Mother) in Eleusis, Greece, contains early polygonal masonry of high quality.
* Tombs of Etruria, both circular and rock cut, from the necropoli of Tarquinia, Cerveteri, etc.
* Etc: There may be many more, this is what I uncovered in about a day of searching, so who knows what more there is, probably much more and most of is already destroyed in antiquity.   Including Maes Howe, Newgrange, Ireland, etc, as described in previous videos.

How to tell if a building is proto-Inca/Giza builder:
* It may have an Inca-Style angled doorway
* Polygonal masonry
* Precision joints indicative of high-tech cutting or geopolymer
* Unnecessary over-engineering "just to make sure"
* Work on a huge scale.

This video, the longest so far, is really two videos stitched together. It describes monuments on Sardinia, Greece as well as Crimea which bear, tangentially, the hand of the Giza builders of the 4th dynasty.

Egyptology is wrong in only looking at one country (They can't help it, look at the name of their profession!). Flawed in this way, it is up to others to examine other sites. This was a migrating tribe or people or culture, OR these monuments are another world civilization left over from earlier times. The Egypt historians look at one culture succeeding another, in time, but do not search in space, looking for hallmarks of the culture in terms of technicality. 

Monday, 20 March 2017

Channel Trailer: Upcoming Videos that "They" will never ever talk about.

This is a trailer for my main Youtube Channel. For the loading window describing videos which are upcoming:

* The Minoan Language Speakers are still with us, speaking Minoan to this day
* Leprechaun doorways in Ancient Ireland, found.
* Why Ancient Siberia was never covered by Ice
* Rival pyramid cults in Ancient UK and Ireland
* Why Pyramids look like the mountains behind them
* Hindu festival the Khumbh Mela was practised in Ancient Egypt, Ireland, UK, Germany, at confluence of rivers
* Massive heads of the Eldrich race
* Machined Indians pillars
* New Kingdom Polygonal walls
* Gobekli Tepe builders travelled to UK
* Egypt-Style Mastabas at Cahokia
* Stonehenge built from Offcuts
* Mystery of the Round towers
* Lee line navigation and why they were sacred
* Lost high-tech science, and so much more!

All vids, plus other information: 

Saturday, 18 March 2017

Why did the Etruscans, build a huge '"Javan-style" Stupa/Pyramid? Sulla:...

When we investigate the form that Porsena's tomb would have taken, it becomes rather apparent that it may well have been in the style of an Asian Stupa. It's quite clear that it may not have been in the style, at all, of some of the fanciful (reconstruction) pictures in which it is also depicted, with pyramids directly holding up a platform.

There could be a "Polygonal" Pyramid hiding underneath Borobudur, Java.

There would seem to be a polygonal pyramid hiding underneath Borobudur in Java. This is evident from various pathways which look quite bizarre. A caveat is that Unesco repaired the crumbling site in 1973, possibly altering its appearance, but this we do not know. The structure underneath would have taken the form of a polygonal platform, possibly.

Friday, 10 March 2017

The "Oldest" Stone Circle in the UK, 3100 BC, is the most advanced! TECH...

It was Sonchis of Sais who told Solon the Story of Atlantis, lost to the Greeks. It seems that the Atlantis legend clearly has strong links to Egypt. Solon mentioned that from beyond Atlantis, was the way to other islands, following which, one may reach the 'opposite continent' which I presume is America.

In this video, we look at the Egyptian connections to the Orkneys. It's rather clear that there is cut stone here, which no-one ever talks about and many similarities with Egyptian high-tech artefacts.

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Amazon "Rainforest" is "man made". ICE-AGE Civilizations' genetic seed v...

So, what if the Amazon Rainforest is the result of a man-made catastrophe. It is really a bunch of weeds which have 'taken over' a huge portion of south America, once occupied by plains. Not only do we have amazing biodiversity in the Amazon, but the American veggies, which have created and fed the modern world, seem to be truly ancient, deriving from very ancient times. Is there an ancient 'geopolymer' seed vault?

Friday, 3 March 2017

"Atlantis" is "continuing" to slide into the Ocean. Photos from the scen...

By 'Atlantis', I mean that the relics are Ireland, UK, Netherlands (Doggerland). The whole Atlantic part of Europe seems to have been one culture in later times following the subsistence = rising sea level, which elevated by 60 meters over several thousand years following the end of the Ice Age. There was a time of stability but that ended in around 5000 BC which must be the time of "Atlantis." The 9000 Years before Solon, could be refering to the Sea peoples invasions in 1200 BC, if in 'moon years' of one month, Or they doubled up the dynasties. 

Thursday, 2 March 2017

They say Arthur's "Camelot" is a myth... so how to explain these buildin...

It's pretty clear from the maps, legends that Camolodunum(Roman name, or Camulodunon in Celtic) was a glorious city. Was this Camelot? What if it was never lost? I mean look at all these buildings? #Arthur #location_of_camelot #Mordred #historicity_of_Arthur.

"Grand Unified Theory" for a "SUPERTECH" Civ, 120,000 years ago, plus lo...

This is "Part 2" of my lil 'Grand Unified Theory'. In this I'm trying to put ALL the pieces together into something that fits reality! So, I'm talking about #Ancient_Astronauts, (humans), superweapons, all sorts of bizarre things. The people who came before us, well, it was a lost world, a geological epoch of warm temperatures just like the #Holocene today, but one with possible Advanced Tech.

Monday, 27 February 2017

Found! Machined stone(s) from actual "Atlantis" (the 'Ireland' remnant)

Ok, there are definitely some machined stones to be found in "Atlantis" = Doggerland + Ireland + UK.  Now, these are either incredibly ancient, OR more likely to be relics of modern repair work. I do not know the answer!

Had enough. Blowing the lid forever on truth of "Viracocha", Tiwanaku, E...

In this latest video, I'm exposing the TRUTH. The connections postulated by Thor Heyerdahl are now undeniable. See for yourself!

The "forgotten" CROWN JEWELS of "Atlantean" Nobility. Why does it look "...

Irish ancient Jewels = Inca ancient Jewels. Don't know if anyone has actually pointed this out before.

Thursday, 23 February 2017

Dating these Stone Vessels to ICE AGE (Sphinx) Civilization in pre-Egypt...

Ok, there is quite a mystery going on here. I start to feel that Naqqada period is actually intrusive pottery, an intrusive layer. The machining on the #Naqqada pottery vessels, if that is what it is, is simply too good for the period, in relation to other obvious stone-age artefacts. It would appear the civilization at least had iron tools. In the previous #Baderian period, whose pottery is depicted in the thumbnail below, temperatures of 1450 degrees Celcius were achieved. And yet it is claimed they did not have iron, or even copper? What is going on here? I suggest the Naqqada period contains an intrusive layer of looted debris from an earlier Ice Age civilization in Egypt. #Ice_Age_Civilization.

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Hidden 'Pre-Inca' Techniques: Why the Giza Pyramid will be stable for 1,...

The Giza pyramids, quite clearly, exhibit a high level of structural engineering designed to take the weight off the ground around the stricture, mutually complementing angles mean the structure supports itself, a bit like a Gothic cathedral. The system is rather advanced.

1) The sides have concavities. These allow the pyramid to exert force
towards mutual joints, as well as corners. This makes it self
supporting, rather than exerting all pressure into the ground.

The corner forces are exerted into huge corner stones, which are in
turn supported by a grid of polygonal stones which appear to go all
around the pyramid. This makes the pyramid earthquake proof, in addition
to other technologies.

3) The pyramid exhibits an internal
stepped structure made up of buttresses around a central tower, which
approximate the 'Inca Earthquake Angle'.

4) The pyramid is built
upon solid bedrock, so it cannot really sink, but in addition it
appears to have a kind of cushioning or suspension. There is a granite
or black basalt underlay. In addition there is one or more layers of
limestone rock. This is possibly to allow for some 'give' should a quake
or some impact hit the vicinity of the pyramid.

5) Not
mentioned in the vid is that the pyramid lies above flood waters. It is
also composed of rock which can endure for millions of years.

6) The 'law of nature' 'electrical spiral', representative of #electric_universe
is incorporated into the design, PHI. The Egyptians had a comparable or
superior understanding of nature to today. They were interested in
'obeying the laws of nature'. They noticed that stability in nature
followed the golden ratio, as well as Phi, the fibbonacci sequence. They
knew this would STABILIZE it according to the laws of nature, INCLUDING
LAWS WE ARE NOT YET AWARE OF, possibly including time crystals. In this

Monday, 20 February 2017

"Stonehenge" looks like the "frame" of a TALLER building. (Asian-style d...

Stonehenge is a kind of 'supporting structure' of a far larger building. We see examples of 'other' Stonehenges in the Sanchi Stupa, other stupas which are less ancient, Aachen Cathedral, Tolous in China, ie communal round house, etc, and the Temple of Heaven in Beijing, regarding which I Read that only sacred, royal, or important structures are permitted mortice and tenon joins, just like is found at Stonehenge.

Saturday, 18 February 2017

There is a "Chinese Pogoda" hidden inside the Great Pyramid (In fact two)

Well, there is a "East-Asian" Pagoda essentially hiding inside the Great Pyramid at Giza. This is essentially the structure on top of the King's Chamber. It does look like a pagoda. The representation may also have been preserved in the infamous DJET PILLAR found in Egypt! The second 'pagoda' is the side structure of the Grand Gallery, which does resemble a tower, of sorts!

Was this "Atlantis", which sank beneath the waves?

Quite simply, Solon, Plato, when they told the story of Atlantis, were looking at maps even older than Herodotus' map. These did not include Britain. Was Britain Therefore Atlantis? (Ireland, plus UK, plus #Doggerland)

Why is a "Mayan" (step) pyramid hidden inside every Egyptian pyramid? (+...

In this video, we explore why it is that every Egyptian pyramid contains a step pyramid, and not just a step pyramid, but a MESOAMERICAN-type pyramid. Quite simply, many Mesoamerican/South American pyramids do seem to be buttressed structures. The Mesoamerican ones are more vertical, like the inside of these Egyptian Pyramids. This has huge implications for HOW pyramids were built.

They were built initially like the tower of Babel. that is, they were built as a tower and then buttresses were placed around this. Then blocks and rubble were placed around this structure, then casing stones fitted. In other words they were COVERING UP an earlier American-looking pyramid. Was this another culture which was doing this? Or the same? What is going on?

Monday, 13 February 2017

Why are "Inca Doorways" built into 1000+ year old monasteries.. IN IRELAND?

This video is the latest and greatest. I share some holiday snaps and info. During my 2014 holiday, which was aimed at investigating Irish round towers (i visited 13) as well as Irish pyramids (Cairns),  I realized that, in fact, there are INCA doors in Ireland. Not only did the #Inca_doors, which date from the #dark_ages, remind me of the Peru, but in addition, so did pyramids, or cairns, built thousands of years earlier!

Friday, 10 February 2017

Was the "Pharos" Lighthouse built on top of an older "Mayan" pyramid? It...

The Pharos Lighthouse. Par = House, rectangular house, in Egyptian. I feel this was built upon a far earlier structure. The earlier structure would have been Mayan-like, a tall pyramid, as opposed to the other Egyptian pyramids. This was possibly ruined in an earthquake. Subsequently this 'base' was reconstructed or rebuilt and the lighthouse, which is really just the tower on the top half, placed on top!

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Barabar Caves even more impressive than Great Pyramid chambers! Lost car...

The Barabar caves are super impressive, far more so than the chambers of the Great Pyramid, at least to me. We see the same tech at work here, and both Egypt and Inca influence!

Inca Peru and Egypt severed by catastrophe? Same builders, one world.

Basically, the same builders lived in South America as in Egypt. Why? Atlantis?

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Is the Giza Pyramid an Ancient Boiling Water Nuclear Reactor Complex? (P...

The Great Pyramid appears to have many suggested uses, down the ages. One suggested in 1991 was that it could be a nuclear power plant. While I have not actually read that article, only glanced, I decided to make my own video on this topic. It explains various things

Are those huge Megalithic Inca stones 'render'? (Includes a SMOKING GUN!)

Ok what we have here appears to be a house in Cuzco perhaps. I am wondering if this is render or not. The idea seems to be receiving positive feedback! Esp the 'smoking gun' in the thumbnail! One comment in fact suggests that if rendered, people would become uninterested in traveling there, lol!

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

They cut rocks like butter. Inca 'Quarry' is mindblowing!

Ok this is mindblowing stuff. It would seem that rocks have simply been 'lifted' out of Pre-Inca quarries with very little effort. What is going on here? In addition, 'nubs' are removed from the quarry direct! What sort of tools could do such a thing?

Wikipedia wrong again. 'Pyra-mid' is EgyptoGreek for 'House's Middle Hei...

Pyramid seems to actually mean 'Household's Middle Height!' Weird!


The oldest polygonal megalithic wall in the world seems to be in Malta on the Island of Gozo. This is of course rather interesting! It would suggest that similar words like Giza and Gaza are also the holy locations of Polygonal walls. How about places like, for example, King Solomon's Mines or even the megalithic walls at the Giza Pyramids?

Sunday, 5 February 2017

Is this what the NUBS on megalithic walls are for? (FOR JOINING STONE?, ...

The nubs found on the lower portions of megalithic polygonal walls present quite a mystery. 1) They could have been used for lugging the stone around, subsequently chiselled off, yet it is not really suggested that they may have been used to join these stones to 'other' stones, in the manner of what is happening at Stonehenge!

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

LOST TECH: Schist Disk, 3000 BC: What it is/how it's made? Like this?

The #Schist_disk is an utterly amazing artefact from the tomb of #Sabu, #Saqqara of the 1st dynasty. In this video we propose that this disk is in fact METAL but COATED in stone! That's right, the Egyptians had high tech abilities of their own, they were able to coat in enamal, glaze, Egyptian Blue, this too is similar. We also suggest the video could be WAY older than it seems to be it simply does not match the artefacts found in the rest of the tomb.

In addition it seems to be a turntable.

Monday, 23 January 2017

The TEMPLE of the SUN: Ollamtaytambo. Used to be something else. Commentary

I am really not sure what to make of this amazing structure, the TEMPLE OF THE SUN at Puma Punku. For sure it was formerly something else, totally different. This fortress wall clearly continued in various directions. What even happened to it? It could be a type of reinforced concrete.

Sunday, 22 January 2017

How Phobos (and the Moon) were formed?! ('Craters' were there from the b...

Ok, how is this for a hypothesis/theory? What happened, perhaps is that the moon did not start out as a smooth soft marble and acquire lots of craters from impacts. Rather the moon, as well as Phobos, a small moon of Mars are in fact VOLCANIC ROCKS ejected by massive massive, mega supervolcanoes! In the case of our moon, the supervolcano caldera is the Pacific ocean!

Craters"Impact Craters", don't really exist. ERROR of Geology/Astronomy. Volcan...


This is part 3 in a series of four videos. It appears that #Impact_Craters, are not what they seem, despite so-called conclusive proof from NASA missions that they are in fact caused by impact (rather they possibly found space desris inside volcanic craters). The major problem is these things are too rounded or hexagonal shaped from lava flows, which solidify in the quartize crystaline shape.

Saturday, 21 January 2017


Unfortunately I am yet to see a truly artificial crashed UFO/craft on the Martian surface. This is really sad! This can be identified as Basalt, quite easily, even what looks like a crashed disk.



The moon, and most noticeably, other planets as well, all have this huge Giants' Causeway-like structure on the surface, which is quite extraordinary. This is really something very bizarre but interesting. Frozen Basaltic formations. This MEANS that all these so-called craters on the moon, which are in fact hexagonal, are really VOLCANIC in origin. Craters as we know them do not really exist! This also reveals how the moon was really formed!

Monday, 16 January 2017

Ancient Egyptians KNEW BUDDHA. Pyramids = stupas, REAL ORIGIN of PYRAMID...

Well, it turns out that Ptah=Buddha. The vocalization of this sound is said to be 'Pitar', but archaeologists trying to work this out assume no regional dialect, in which it could be easily 'Buddha'. This is essentially the Buddha god, with stupas built in Egypt. This was a 'god who created the world by thought'. They came into Egypt from central Asia.

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

EGYPT's 25 'Alien coffins' SAQQARA SERAPEUM. Built with STEAM ENGINES, G...

In this video, it is suggested that Heron's steam engine and other inventions were in fact sourced from much earlier books, and that there was an 'Industrial Age' in Egypt in the Predynastic and Old Kingdom. This was a 'Lost Industrial Age'. They were able to work in Granite and other #technologies. They had machine tools. This knowledge was lost by the time of the New Kingdom however.

Wednesday, 4 January 2017


Ok, it would seem that there are #polygonal_walls found all over the world. In this video we concentrate on the Inca Walls, but also a brief look at the Polygonal wall underneath the temple of Delphi. This particular technique of building seems to have been a speciality of the WorldWide Pyramid Builders.

As the technique stands, they would have used cast cement in huge bags. Each rock corresponding to a particular bag and then a biodegradeable lining on each bag. Wooden or Stone Supports made up the border of each stone. The fine finish being produced by cast stone. It's really the only way! The only other way I can conceive would be if somehow the pyramid builders 3d-printed out each stone independently to computer precision.

Sunday, 1 January 2017


For centuries people have been puzzling over the fate of the missing pyramid capstones. The East Romans (Greek Empire) seem to have invented a practice of shipping things around, and the West Romans before them. They shipped various architectural artefacts from around their empire to convince themselves of how magnificent their empire was. Among them, a column of Thuthmosis, and I Am suggesting, also the #GREAT_PYRAMID_CAPSTONE