Friday, 13 October 2017

ABU RAWASH pyramid didn't "explode", but "IS" PRE DILUVIAN?!

This is interesting 1) There is a Grand Gallery in this pyramid which no-one talks about. 2) There is a boat pit lined with horribly primitive stones. In fact the boat pit at the Khufu pyramid is not even lined with stones at all... which tells us... KHUFU ET AL DID NOT BUILD THE PYRAMIDS! This is the first time I've seen clear evidence that the pyramids are older than the Old Kingdom! Now I am thinking that they date from the Demigod or Nephilim period!

In addition there is a clear layer of mud or something which has turned into rock but was once mud, on top of the boat pit. We cannot see if the Egyptians cut through this layer or the layer came after, as there has been too much looting in this place!

Thursday, 12 October 2017

The Tiwanaku "Viracocha God" found in Australia.... because of this!

Tiwanaku, VIRACOCHA GOD, found in Australia?

What's going on? The Tiwanaku god may appear with hands outstretched upwards.... or even downwards, in which case he would actually resemble Baiame, the Australian Creator God who has the same role as Viracocha! Inconceivable! The way to explain this is that the Viracocha travelled across the Pacific and actually reached Australia, and thrived here! 

We also compare this god with the Raimondi Stela where we see that he has a big bad brother, who looks a bit mean! 

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Old GIZA Drawings Reveal "ENORMOUS" Nearby ruins now LOST to ARCHAEOLOGY!

Ancient Ruins of Heliopolis seen near Giza?!

This is unbelievable. It would seem the remnants of Heliopolis are seen in this old French picture of the Giza complex. Probably destroyed in the 19th century. In particular it would seem there is a temple complex which by its appearance could be New Kingdom. Then again it could just as easily be Old Kingdom, we do not really know. 

One must ask why, did the Arabs in 641, decide to build a new city for themselves, right next to the pyramids? Why did they not use Alexandria, or some other Egypto-Roman city which was already established? They must have had a plenitude of building materials at their disposal. This is all now underneath Cairo. 

Archaeologists say that Heliopolis is now 15-20 meters underneath the northern part of Cairo! They also say that Memphis, 20km to the south of Giza, which was the capital of Egypt for thousands of years, only had 6000-30,000 people in the Old Kingdom! I cannot accept this figure because it would mean that the pyramids were not even built during the Old Kingdom... too few people for such an undertaking! 

Sunday, 8 October 2017

Why Khafre's Pyramid is smaller, may leave you with no words!

Why Khafre's Pyramid is SLIGHTLY Smaller may leave you with no words! 

There is a huge CLUE as to what is going on at Giza regarding the fact the Khafre pyramid is a tiny bit smaller than the Khufu pyramid.

One the one hand, the Great Pyramid, with all its earth measures (geomancy), might actually refer to the Earth itself, in terms of the arrangement with the other pyramids. In this case the Khafre pyramid could refer to Venus, our sister planet, which is slightly smaller, but there seems to be a better explanation... Atomic Theory! 

Let's look at this! In this scenario, it would seem that the Khufu pyramid might represent a neutron, being white, neutral, 'Earth'. It is a fact that a proton is slightly smaller, having been converted from a proton by the ejection of an electron, represented by the Menkaura pyramid. This would represent a lone inner pair. 

The outer reactive orbital of any atom is the one which forms bonds. In this case, we have six small outer pyramids. Using the periodic table, we could argue that the entire Giza complex therefore represents the Oxygen molecule! This is amazing! NOW we ask... why worship Oxygen? The answer? 

Monday, 2 October 2017

King Arthur's Suspicion about the Great Pyramid may shock you!

Did the Grail Quest involve the Great Pyramid? 

Excalibur was not a sword but some kind of technological device and was probably seized from the great pyramid or something similar. 

We're not just gonna suggest it, we're gonna prove it! 

Firstly Excalibur is clearly not a sword but a kind of electrical cannon. In battle after battle, Arthur single handedly slays hundreds of people. There is only one thing on earth which can do this: high technology. Excalibur was a super-weapon of some sort. Swords to not of their own accord win battles and kill multiple people. No sword can do that. Of course monks and others writing the ancient legends down could translate the weapon in no other way that people would understand, but as a sword. King Arthur is in part a science fiction story describing technology from deeply ancient times. Historical Arthurs may simply be imitators. 

The story is also only partly british. The mainstay of the arthurian legend derives from khazakstan in central asia, where the local legends sound like arhturian lore. Celts sweeping across Asia carried the tales to the British isles where they were kept safe. On the contiennt, new conquests elimintaed the peoples who brought the stories. Khazakstan is also the location of the Apple component of the Adam and Eve story, as apples derive from there. 

Excalibur was given to Arthur by a lady in the middle of a lake. Of courrse we know there are not goddess ladies in the middle of lakes so what do the legends talk about? 

Herodotus clarified much of this for us in his histories when he described the pyramids of lake moeris in the middle of a lake. The Giza pyramids also appeared to be in the middle of the lake. The giza pyramids in roman times were the location of the worship of the goddess, deriving from the triple goddess. This later became christianised into the virgin in later times. We also see the inscription "Hermaois Terismegistus" on the sphinx stela. Let me explain. When Thutmosis the IV went to sleep in front of the sphinx, he had a dream that it was speaking to him, asking to be uncovered. On his dream stela he refers to the beast as: 

"Horemakhet-Khepri-Ra-Atum. This is four gods strung together. The Greek version of the First, HoremAkhet could be Hermes, and then three gods added. In other words... Hermes... Tris Megistus, a single god, who actually has a triple form. The sphinx is Hermes Trismegistus. 

Trismegistus means Triple Majestic, or the Thrice Great and is one of the oldest of mankind's gods in the greek world. The trinity is after all a stone-age phenomenon. At Giza we see not only three pyramids but nine, which are therefore a a 3 by 3 representation. These are tombs not of men, which are found nearby but gods, and possibly also a storage for technologies and artefacts of these ancient gods and god kings who once ruled Egypt, according to Egyptian lore, before 5000 BC. This is all something I cover in my book. 

The Virgin is the ultimate goddess. The Trinity too was a fundumental part of the religion of the old times, with god until the middle ages and even more recently depicted in churches as an eye inside a pyramid. This legend was the inpspiration for Tolkien's Eye of Mordor. In this sense the eye lives in the mountain, just as King arthur lies sleeping but will one day awaken when his people need him, just like other kings such as Charlemagne and Alric and Barbarossa. 

An ancient device of tremendous destructive power which may have been seized from the great pyramid is the ark of the covenant. The dimensions of the kings sarcophagus match the ark, showing it may have likely been an effigy of the ark, and certainly not a box for a coffin. After all the Biblical religion in part originated around the area of the great pyramid. The Israelites developed the worship of a war god who would free them from bondage. The existence of the ark was the proof that this god existed. 

Due to some curse or ruin which befell britain, It was important for King Arthur to send his knights to a deep foreign land where they had to penetrate the grail caslte to view the holy of holies hwich was supposedly the holy grail which shone with a bright light. Grail castles are depicted in old paintings as shining white fortresses on a hill far away. They supposedly had no windows or entrances and were difficult to get into. Their appearnace is very much how a person would describe a huge pyramid, if one had only a general description. If it relates to the Giza pyramids, the story was written when they still had their outer white cladding of limestone. 

One thing we actually know about Khazakstan is they built pyramids not unlike the pyramids at Giza... we are only on the cusp of discoveries in this area! They built pyramids in imitation of giza, or even before Giza. The arhturian legends is goodness-knows how many of tens of thousands of years old! 

So important was the grail quest to return or to recieve a precious artefact or ancient technology which he somehow thoughut would save his kingdom, that Arthur had no hesitation in sending out all of his bravest knights, in other words, his entire army, leaving only a skelleton force to protect his kingdom from teh ravages of Mordred's army to the north. Arthur was relying on the return of some superweapon which would complement excalibur, which would help his kingdom survive. The tales of superweapons as found in ancient India, may have been more prolific. I feel these texts were in libraries the world over. Arthur's primordial world, hwenver it was, was no longer in this era of high technology characterised by the lost supercivilization. It was long after the Toba eruption! He therefore needed to open some ancient vault in order to recover a piece of lost technologies. Such a pieace of technology was literally a kingmaker. I imagine that when man finally loses the ability to make bullets, firearms will continue to be handed from chiefdom to chiefdom out of pure ceremony. 

I have always felt the grail quest was not a quest for an object but a quest to return an object or relic, to remove a curse. But at the end of the day we do not really know. Later commentators and authors in the dark ages had little clue how to translate the ancient technological terms so instead we have confusing effusive plots where the original story has been confused and lost. 

Arthur's knights were skillful commanders, the best and most worthy. Arthur didn't just want skillful leaders. He didn't want a coup on his hands. The knights needed to be decent people as well. They had each already distinguished themselves by tremendous initiative, formitable cunning and battle skill, and the highest in morals, with morality as their very religion. They were the best of the best, and they would surely recover the artefact for Arthur. On the grail quest they faced numerous challenges and they lost thier way, most of them never returning to arthur, for they had sworn the quest would be accomplished or they would die trying. they seem to have been absolutely true to their word, prefering death to the dishonour of returning empty handed, never seeing thier homes again because the quest was almost an impossible one. As legend has it, only one knight, Sir Percival, was able to penetrate the grail castle. He was only able to view some strange electrical apparatus, the light of God, only given the chance to view it, and perhaps only in a dream, which is described in a bizarre way, as if he had recived some electrical shock. The quest had failed. Was this the memory of an excavation of the great pyramid? 

Arthur's kingdom, wherever it was originally located on the planet, was lost. Lacking his generals, who were busy possibly conquering Egypt, in order to open or demolish the pyramids in search of an ancient artefact, Arthur faced his enemies almost alone, falling in battle. His final wish was to return Excalibur to the lady in the middle of the lake. 

Friday, 29 September 2017


Atahualpa and the Puma Punku Stones?!

Bolivia is the home of Puma Punku which seems to have been used as a
quarry for generations, to build Tiwanaku and other structures... yet
what of this... what of Coricancha, Peru?

Coricancha was a fabulous temple of gold, the most important in the Inca
Empire. We can even see slots where the gold would once have been
fitted. (Just like the nubs would have held gold up, in the cities of

We see Puma-Punku type stones with very similar cuts in the door of
Coricancha, which is extraordinary! 

There is also a dam in Yemen, the
Marib Dam, which is built about in the time of Solomon. This could
correspond to the land of Sheba, also. Solomon seems to have sourced
orichalcum or some other mineral from the Americas, hence a link to the

The Marib dam looks very similar indeed to what is going on at

It was evil conquistadors of Pizarro who ultimately stripped the temple
during their conquest of the Inca Empire. Most of the gold used to
random Atahualpa was taken from here! 

Friday, 15 September 2017

A "JUDGE FOR YOURSELF" (Giant?) found at Hanging Rock... AUSTRALIA's DEV...

Is this a carving of the fallen Angel? 

Hanging rock, Victoria (Mount
Diogenes) is truly Bizarre. It is a 'volcanic plug', or so they say!
This makes it rather similar to the creepy Devil's Tower, and this place
is also known for `abductions' albeit fictional ones!

I believe that many of the vertical volcanic elements of this could
encapsulate a fossilised forest of sorts. 

The place is just so strange
and bizarre and different, I am really not quite sure to make of it all.

On the one hand we have this statue of a fifty foot tall giant... or is
he a fossilised tree or merely basalt left over from the volcano? To me,
he seems to have been carved somewhat, but why who or what? 

We also
have this crocodile-like formation which is also odd!

My theory on all this is that a forest was buried, with trees far more
ancient than are seen today, but not totally unlike the trees of today.
Perhaps these were similar to large banksias, which are the previous
type of Eucalyptus. Then, the trees were covered over and quickly

Then they were fossilised. What remains is a mixture of fossil
trees and volcanic crystal basalt. At least in some respects some tree
imprints and grains appear, strangely to be preserved!

Then there is the curious story `Picnic at Hanging Rock', in which some
schoolgirls on a daytrip go missing. Look, the whole story is completely

Having said that there is indeed a force of sorts at work,
possibly something geomagnetic, or such, which is causing a type of
attachment to the landscape. a TRAILER to this vid is available on my
Dr. Charles Kos facebook! 

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Newton's Suspicion about the Great Pyramid may shock you!

Newton's Was Amazing! 

Isaac Newton seems to have believed in the lost Super-civilization. He
believed in a pre-Diluvian advanced world, much more so than his own.

believed that the previous people had already worked out all the
physical laws, and sought the dimensions of the Egyptian cubit in the
circumference of the Great Pyramid. This would give him the
circumference of the Earth which would give him the gravitational

 Khufu, according to legend had a dream. He saw the stars spinning and
wished to help the world out by building the great pyramid. He thought
his dream might refer to the end of the world.

I believe the great
pyramid enshrined old sciences (this is what the legend says!), In fact
Newton was AWARE of this and thought it was a clue from the past!

Newton had an enormous library of thousands of books. He actually read
John Greaves' PYRAMIDOGRAPHIA as well as other books on Egypt as well
the temple of Solomon.

He quickly grasped the import, antiquity and
implications of the Great Pyramid.

He used Greaves' as well as Burattini's measures on the Great Pyramid,
though these were inaccurate, and as a result was unable to put the
final stamp on his theory of gravitation until 1671, when Jean Picard
was able to finally measure a degree of latitude which came to 69.1
English miles.

Newton himself wrote the work: "A Dissertation upon the Sacred Cubit of
the Jews and the Cubits of several Nations: in which, from the
Dimensions of the Greatest Pyramid, as taken by Mr. John Greaves, the
ancient Cubit of Memphis is determined".

High-tech purpose of the pyramids!

We cover the topic of Vimanas also. What is a vimana? It means Craft.
Pushpaka Vimana means Aerial Flying Craft. These were artificial craft
of tens of thousands of years ago... high technology. Some were said to
have been pyramid-shaped and three stories.

 I believe the spaceship-precision of, in particular, the descending
corridor of the Great Pyramid actually enshrines vimana-like technology.
All artificial hills, pyramids, stupas, across the world were
originally conceived as craft for the fallen angel (Loki is trapped
under a huge rock, a pyramid), to return to heaven. Loki/Budh was the
monotheistic god.

The Khufu version was Khnumm, creator of man. Another
monotheistic lord was the sun god. So, why not help this helper of
mankind, get back to heaven! Build him a vimana! In fact many plateaus
may have been flattened out for this `purpose'.

Check it out on youtube!

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

WOW! Ancient Legend CONFIRMS "High Tech" at Puma Punku!

Ancient Legends Reveal the Secret of Puma Punku!

If Puma Punka was built by hand tools, then how come local legend says
it was built in one day by "flying gods?" That certainly makes no sense.
Is this related to the Nazca Lines somehow?

According to local legends, ancient gods flew in and built Puma Punku in
a single 'long night', whatever that means! Then, the same gods, or
other gods, were somehow unhappy with the work. They levitated the
stones into the air and spun them over and then dropped them all, where
they still lie to this day. This was supposedly accompanied by a lot of

This does not fit the idea of people with stone hammers bashing
away at the rocks.

In Ancient Aliens Debunked, it is pointed out that ancient-mystery TV
shows fail to point out the presence of evidence nearby that this was
bashed out of rock with primitive tool, IE stone mauls and then grinders
to smooth it out. 

The 'evidence' presented is a rock which appears to
have been abandoned but used this technique. I would say this is NOT by
the same builders. Think about it. You have completed your temple, or
whatever it was supposed to have been. You are then supposed to have

A deeper look at the evidence shows that the entire site was worked over
by low-tech as well as high-tech people. 

Examples of low tech include
the low-tech inscriptions placed on the otherwise high-tech Gate of the
Sun. Look at the #Akapana_Pyramid.
(low tech sandstone blocks stacked together which may have been
quarried out of the remnant of Puma Punku). Look also at Kalasasaya
semi-subterranean Temple. It is obviously blocks which were once huge
cut up sandstone which then filled around the edges of a huge
rectangular set of standing stones similar in shape to the Rudestone
monolith in Yorkshire. Similar builders?

The whole site is a high-tech one contaminated with low-tech. 

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

VICTORIA: Found "Palace Wall" in DESTROYED-"STONEHENGE" area, inside CR...

Palace Wall of Vanished Civilization, Victoria

Wonderful Vanished Civilisation from Western Victoria. From my website:


Conspiracy of Silence?

I have only been studying this for about two years, but in this time I was able to easily put two and two together and see what is going on. The question is, why have others not been able to do the same? It is pretty clear there were no protection mechanisms at all in Western Victoria in the 19th century and farmers were able to destroy what they wanted. I believe they may have feared the return of the aboriginees and wished to obliterate all remaining traces. The current remaining stonehenges are located in semi-secret locations, one protected by Park Rangers, thank goodness. As late as the 1940s, a remarkable Avebury-like stone serpent was in fact obliterated in New South Wales. 

I feel this is very similar to the pre-Maori civilization of New Zealand, which people have described as 'Celtic'. I would in fact describe it as partly 'Toltec' or even 'Terascan.' These people were a mixture of Atlantics and Native Americans, as certain of their artefacts appear 'Celtic.' in appearance. It all goes to show there were MANY world-explorers, long long long before Colombus!"

Friday, 1 September 2017

HAD ENOUGH! Puma Punku 80,000 years old! MANY later modifications!

Puma Punku must be 80,000 years old! 

Let's look at some stuff:

Glaring Anomalies no-one mentions: 
* There was a 40m x 7m x ?m deep block, obviously geopolymer, as not cut from rocks at the site. Can't lift the thing! 
* Conquistadors/Archaeologists made a 'repair' by using clamps or something to 'hold the blocks together?' which is so useless the original builders would not have bothered. Everyone erroneously thinks this is original? 
* The enormous block could never have been dragged there, and was broken apart in a tremendous Earth Upheaval as has been separated, yet is too heavy for anyone to have done it. There must have been a terrified catastrophe or bombardment which history does not record, hence the site is at least 80,000 years of age, perhaps pre-Toba supervolcano when Earth was One language. 
* The door of Tiwanaku nearby looks like the rest of Puma Punku with the exception that the carving is pretty sloppy and was done by a later people, (much later). 
* The Tiwanaku sun gate also contains side slots which are found on the Infamous Seventh Door at Padaswamy Temple in India which I have also suggested is a kind of research facility or temple. 
* There are tiny steps leading out of a foot bath, which may have been used for decontamination purposes, so were these people actually four foot tall? 
* Skyscrapers are depicted on the reliefs which look like the Petronas Tower. 
* Puma Punku looks nothing like half the stuff at Tiwanaku, ergo Tiwanaku was built from the RUINS of Puma Punku and goodness knows what else! 
* Puma Punku also looks NOTHING like ANYTHING else in Peru. Peru seems to have been a mountain world fortress in ancient times. Even all the other stuff in Peru which is high technology was from tens of thousands of years after Puma Punku was built! 
* Who built the metal clamps and where are they? Could this have been used as a church by conquistadors who were worried about further earthquakes affecting the structure? What is going on here?! This makes absolutely no sense! 
* Could go on and on endlessly! It was a research facility, built from geopolymer! 
* This is sure as heck not "536AD and later" as is claimed. If it was it would match everything else in Peru. It does not! That's total fakery! The world was in a HUGE catastrophe in that time!? No-one built NOTHING! 
* Taking everything into consideration, dating this to the Vimana period of 80,000 BC at least

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Vitrified Glaze and MELT on SACSAYHUAMAN and nearby peaks!

Why is Sacsayhuaman all melted away? What's going on? 

I have been reading some Eric Von Daniken lately.... in two books, Return to the Stars and also Pathways to the Gods, he mentions that the fortress above the famous walls of Sacsayhuaman are more interesting than what the tourists are looking at... the huge stones... because it's all melted up there! 

The tops of Sacsayhuaman and nearby peaks have this vitrified 'sheen' to them, which is rather difficult to explain. Parts of the top of the fortress are completely melted. 

1) If it was lightning which caused the meltage, why was this not attracted to the higher peaks nearby? What's going on? 

2) Was it ancient thermonuclear weapons? If so it was the last gasp of an attack because Sacsayhuaman, though built well, is not built on some modern highly-geometric design, more like by some vestige of a former high civilisation which retained their geopolymer knowledge, but little else. They built this high fortress in the hills to escape from the savage unfriendly tribes below. Yet the walls are strong enough to deflect artillery. Could they have been vitrified by remnant nuclear weapons from suborbital platforms on 'autofire?' 

We look at the nearby peak which is called 'The Throne of the Incas', in this it appears the glaze or vitrification is confined largely to the worked areas, which means it could be a feature of the workmanship. It is actually hard to find pictures of the melted areas as these are simply ignored by tourists in favour of the better less damaged areas... i'd rather not directly use pictures from any book, prefer pictures already online. 

'Cut like Butter'.... MOULDS were pressed in and geopolymer scooped out

Not a regular quarry... 
Not a quarry... moulds were pressed into this pre-Inca site and geo-polymer scooped out. 

After all this, we must ask why the sites were abandoned. Was it superweapons of some kind, which basically cooked the sites into what geologists now term 'metamorphic' rock? 

Weapons like the Pushpaka Vimana are described hurling nuclear-type missiles. A vimana is an artificially-built craft, not a description of a comet or other natural event. 

Moulding could be the way that such things are done... 

How did people even come up with the geopolymer in the first place? I believe this is further proof that the technology is one hundred thousand years old, just as today geopolymer is discovered and described thanks to the use of computer technologies...

Friday, 25 August 2017

Final Proof of POURED "QUARTZ STONE" 1350 B.C. This will shock you...

Poured Stone

Builder's Inscription: "It was like baking bread!" This is really weird! It would seem that Egyptians were able to pour hard rocks, just as in South America! So it isn't just the pyramids which were possibly geopolymer.

This theory comes from Joseph Davidovits. I looked at the Collossi of Memnon just lately and realised... 'wow!' those lumps on the chest are a dry mixture! The chest of the non-ruined colossi is proof of geopolymer in all its obvious glory!

The right-most collossi must have had an even more ruined body, yet it is claimed that it 'fell down in an earthquake'. Excuse me but there is no way an earthquake is going to topple that!

Wikipedia is just wrong. These statues are 60ft high, imagine how much they weigh. There is no way the Egyptians carried them 700km as is claimed. Rather it is geopolymer, and in fact this is just what is claimed.

In fact we have a description actually belonging to the creator of the statue. He states that the statues were sculpted rather quickly and in a mould. He claims to have developed a sort of technology similar to baking bread. Have a read in the link below. It's obvious that so many words are just untranslatable. Although the builder makes a lot of big claims about having invented the geopolymer process, I think he simply read some old books from the Old Kingdom.

IDENTITY OF SPHINX DISCOVERED? Khufu's infamous Playgirl Daughter?!

Identity of Sphinx discovered? 

Riddle of the Sphinx. After much pondering... is this Playgirl-Princess Nefertiabet, ("beautiful one of the east"... sphinx faces east) daughter of Khufu? The ears seem to match. In addition although we only have one picture of Nefertiabet, the profile, we see that the jaw of her father matches the Sphinx' face' jaw, though the sphinx be not he! 

Let us look at the evidence. According to Herodotus' legend, Khufu hated the Egyptian gods and closed down all the temples. This gave him one motive to destroy the image of the Anubis-sphinx and convert it. Motive number two would be to replace the face with that of his daughter. 

He was after all in charge of Giza for quite a long time and revamped the entire site as his life's work. According to the Inventory Stela, a temple existed before Khufu, which he 'repaired.' According to the Stela, and this may become the topic for a new video: "After this, the inscription claims that the Isis temple was already at its place before the pyramids had been erected and that the temple was discovered by Khufu east of the great pyramid at the "house of Harmakhis" (i.e. the Sphinx temple). Then it claims that Khufu first "built the temple of Isis anew" and then built a pyramid for the "king's daughter Henutsen". Finally, the goddess Isis is praised and again entitled as "mistress of the pyramids." A note that Henutsen was khufu's wife according to another interpretation. 

Building the Temple of Isis anew... would this not imply that this was the re-carving of the sphinx in the face of a beautiful woman... his daughter perhaps? Is this in fact where her infamous reputation as a prostitute derives? Isis is praised as mistress of the pyramids... how about Nefertiabet? 

According to Herodotus, the daughter of Khufu was pressed into becoming a prostitute by Khufu to pay for the pyramid. This sounds like a bunch of garbage that the lowest of the low would pass around, jealous words regarding his daughter's important role in the Giza complex. According to another legend, she was actively involved at Giza and what must have started as a bad joke, that she charged her clients a block of stone each, was finally passed down to Herodotus! 

This to me sounds like it was inspired by the mad jealousy of others seeing her visage... carved into the sphinx! Is this how Khufu renewed the temple? 

We also discuss a few others. It isn't Hatshepsut. It isn't Hetepheres, also of the 4th dynasty. It isn't Nofret. It isn't Sobeknefru, who had incredibly beauty. Nor is it any of the Cleopatras who did not really possess any likeness. The huge eyes remind me of Ptolemy X who did in fact mess with ancient artefacts, paying his mercenaries with gold from Alexander's melted sarcophagus, a move which got him deposed. The eyes and nose of the sphinx are heavily damaged to deface the monument of someone who would have been living. 

Thursday, 24 August 2017

Picture reveals TRUTH! Normans rebuilt part of ROMAN Tower OF LONDON, ca...

Real history of the Tower of London?

It is really interesting what happened here. Let me paraphrase... At least one of the back towers was added in later times. The Normans repaired and added to a heavily damaged Roman Tower which was built between 250AD and about 300AD, reflecting its late Roman design. 

Look at this quote I just found in Gildas, regarding towers built in Southern England! I am unsure if it actually relates to the Roman Tower of London... but it would seem that preventing ships sailing up the Thames would resist a Barbarian attack! 

"18... The Romans, therefore, left the country, giving notice that they could no longer be harassed by such laborious expeditions, nor suffer the Roman standards, with so large and brave an army, to be worn out by sea and land by fighting against these un-warlike, plundering vagabonds; but that the islanders, inuring themselves to warlike weapons, and bravely fighting, should valiantly protect their country, their property, wives and children, and, what is dearer than these, their liberty and lives; that they should not suffer their hands to be tied behind their backs by a nation which, unless they were enervated by idleness and sloth, was not more powerful than themselves, but that they should arm those hands with buckler, sword, and spear, ready for the field of battle; and, because they thought this also of advantage to the people they were about to leave, they, with the help of the miserable natives, built a wall different from the former, by public and private contributions, and of the same structure as walls generally, extending in a straight line from sea to sea, between some cities, which, from fear of their enemies, had there by chance been built. They then give energetic counsel to the timorous natives, and leave them patterns by which to manufacture arms. Moreover, on the south coast where their vessels lay, as there was some apprehension lest the barbarians might land, they erected towers at stated intervals, commanding a prospect of the sea; and then left the island never to return."

This sounds a lot like Rome in the time of Aetius, in the 450s. Rome had lost Africa to the Vandals a generation or so earlier and was struggling to maintain the remainder against a horde of barbarians with a much reduced income (only 40,000 pounds of gold per annum), which could only maintain an army at maximum of 30,000 soldiers, far too small. Even so 2/3 of its annual income was required for this! 
By this stage, the Roman emperor only wished to reside in Ravenna, not liking the squalor of Rome. I believe the tower possibly went up in the late 200s or the 300s, at about the same time the walls around Chichester. Any later and the Romano-British would have had to have built it for themselves and I am unsure if the economy would have been powerful enough for such an endeavour. 

In addition there was a building there called the Arx Palatina. (Palatine Fortress). There was another Arx Palatina on the other side of Londonium on the river bank, where Blackfriars now is. I believe this was converted into Blackfriars Monastery but I would have to look into this further. 

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

What's the "Viracocha Sun-gate-God" doing in the English Landscape? Is h...

Viracocha Sun God, identified as Apollo!? 

This is just plain weird! 

Moses' Snake Staff.... came alive... DNA? 80,000 year old Ancient Clonin...

Moses staff story relates to distant supercivilization?

What's going on here? As I like to say! 

"BANNED" Egyptian Temple you CANNOT ENTER contains unwelcome secret!


 This is really interesting! The penis cult was worldwide. 8 months ago I made a video arguing that Sodom was in fact a city where the Penis Cult was celebrated. This cult was extant everywhere in Asia. As examples, we cite the Zbruch Idol, the Irish Round Towers, the Shiva Linga, etc!

The famous Temple of Luxor, Egypt, features an unwelcome side secret... a temple which is utterly fenced off and permanently closed from the public? Why? Quite simply it is the penis of a huge man-shaped temple, the temple of Luxor!

It we trace a line across the desert, the penis ends in a sunken pre-diluvian harbour.

Valetta, Malta appears to be in the shape of a woman! Incredible Stuff!

Saturday, 19 August 2017

Ancient Alignments with "Leo" at Angkor Wat!?

Alignments of Leo at Angkor Wat?

What if the alignment at Angkor Wat is not actually Draco but Leo and refers to the Age of Leo, 10,500 BC to 8000 BC?

Friday, 18 August 2017

Why would "Soft Tissue", be found in "Fossilised Dinosaurs?" Cloned by "...

 Soft Tissue Found in Dinosaurs? What's the reason for this?

Soft tissue found a professor fired from his work for heretical
findings! Here we propose the explanation for what might have occurred!

tissue has been noticed in dinosaur remains for at least the past ten
years. They have been blood cells, collagen fibres, blood, the works!
What's going on? We propose these are clones of the last super
civilization. Think about it. If a dinosaur was found to be about 10,000
years of age, by carbon date, it is NOT going to be publishable by any
journal so they fudge it all up with guestimates. It could take
generations for the actual truth to emerge!

We give a complete
picture. The super-civilization of one billion Nikola Teslas had tens of
thousands of super-scientific minds, cloning lost animals and
replenishing the earth. Nevertheless a combination of nuclear warfare,
not to mention the Toba eruption, removed this civilization from the

Before its eventual demise, scientists of this lost
world decided to restore the earth to the "factory configuration" of the
planet, as it was before the advent of the massive human civilization.
'Arks of the Covenant' as autonomous vehicles of environmental change
were deposited in the four corners of the planet. Thousands of years
after the destruction, and powered by fusion reactors that I read as the
'Tsohar' a passage found in the Bible regarding Noah's Ark, and which I
cover in another video, the Ark began its transformations.

Ark, of which there may have been many, was recovered by the Nephilim,
remnants of the former giants, and placed in the great pyramid, which
was possibly a containment device. It would have broken out of its area
with explosive devices, rockets, whatever. Flares containing genetic
agents were released, wiping out and 'resetting' life as was known.
After a period of time, new species were introduced from the Ark. The
entire thing is remembered, erroneously as 'Noah's Ark'.

system went a little haywire in the Amazon. Weeds are what is supposed
to go out of control, taking over from 'native plants'. How else are we
to describe the Amazon? Part of the genetic expression was to
re-establish dinosaurs which are found in Africa, until the 20th

The maps they show of the colonization of the earth by
humans are 'a bunch of "carp"'. Firstly they merely show the
re-colonization following the Toba eruption. Secondly, they show mankind
recolonizing in utterly the wrong direction. In fact they colonized
into Africa which is why there is Still (surprisingly) megafauna there,
as well as dinosaurs until the 20th century.

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

BIZARRE German church retains religion of OLD EUROPE!? (c.5000 BC?)

Weird Church In Germany! 

A church in Soest, Germany appears to venerate the Triple Goddess as well as Yggdrasil...

PALENQUE 'ASTRONAUT' or WORLD TREE? BOTH "indicate"... 'Journey to Heave...

The Palenque Astronaut!

You look at what is happening on the Palenque Sarcophagus lid... It's supposed to be a relief depicting the afterlife for King Pakal. It shows him combining with the world tree so he can ascend to heaven. I think that the Mayans once had the same stories depicting space journeys as ancient India and the technological memories of that have combined with the mythological imagery of the World Tree. It doesn't have to be 'either' but could be 'both'. 

Saturday, 12 August 2017

Interviewed by "Conspiracy or Not Here We Come". Topic: "Lost High Society"

Interviewed by Conspiracy or Not Here we Come! 

This was very exciting and a great conversation! We cover Christopher Dunn's Giza Power Plant theory and other topics such as Yonaguni, etc.

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Update: Australia DESTROYED CONTINENT: "human" FOOTPRINTS found in, 250,...

Australia 250 Million Year Old Destroyed Civilization: UPDATE, GIANT FOOTPRINTS


What's going on here? It would seem that huge humanoid footprints
correlate to the era of the vast mass extinction of 250 million years
ago! This correlates to the time that Australia was deforested and
possibly given it's 'flat' appearance by strip mining. "Just my 2c"

Saturday, 5 August 2017

"MIDDAY SUN," "FUSION" technology inside the "ARK of the COVENANT"!!

Ark of the Covenant

"Whoops", 'Looks like there has been a slip up in the Biblical
translation.' A passage intended to be included with the Ark of the
Covenant, has obviously been added to Noah's Ark instead. The word is
'Tsoar'. So it reads that Noah wanted to open the window and then the
Tsohar started shining. The problem is that word, an adjective, is never
used to mean actual window or daylight but some unbelievable spleandour
instead. I came across this idea in Brad Steiger's "Super Scientists of
Ancient Atlantis". In Steiger's book they are suggesting that this is a
kind of crystal device which Noah 'switched on and off' whenever he
wanted daylight. I've decided that it really belongs with the Ark of the
Covenent and Noah's Ark. I've suggested that due to the Pandora's Box
legend, it's more likely that Two of every kind were really kept in the
Ark (box), since that was the ACTUAL high-technology device, and the
legend has become confused, increasingly with every time it has been

Consider that the Bible writers of 500 BC didn't
have the vocab to describe earlier editions of the Bible. In fact there
is some debate as to the actual age of our bible.

This is straight out of #Raiders_of_the_Lost_Ark! It's quite clear that there was some incredible power source locked inside which was unveiled.

Stay tuned for later this year when I release a book on the Ancient High Technology War. Cheers!

Thursday, 3 August 2017

The "Vatican" of Egypt, (Heliopolis/Giza) "shifted to Rome" in Ancient t...

Did the center of World Religion shift from Heliopolis/Giza, to Rome?

The center of world religion did some kind of power shift from Egypt to
Rome about the time of Christ. We can see quite clearly that at about
the time of Christ the "Cult of Goddess Isis", began to take over in
Rome. There were other cults such as Mithra. Priesthoods eventually
coalesced into early Christianity.

In Ancient Egypt, Heliopolis
was actually its own special and significant area, with special
privileges. During especially intermediate periods, when there were many
kings in different Egyptian regions, the priests of Heliopolis became
kings unto themselves! Rome has 13 obelisks and guess what, most of
them are from Heliopolis, the 'city of the sun'.

Heliopolis has a
far more ancient connection with the Nephilim and before them, the
'giants from heaven.', which I believe were simply a high-tech
civilization on Earth, 'Ancient Aliens.' Giza had the burial of a
Nephilim behind the Sphinx, the pre-Egyptian civilization. This is
proven in another video by the huge coffin and the priest king lists
which match the ideas in the Bible of Gods and then Demigods, i.e.
Giants and then Nephilim, in charge of Egypt in primal times. The other
ancient 'Heliopolis' was of course Baalbek which has a giants' door as
pointed out in another video. This indicates the 'center of the world'
was taken to be Nephilim burial sites. The Holy Book of course comes
from the land of Giants, the Near East, Byblos = Bible.

video looks at a few pictures of the weird 'Church of St Maries' in
Soest, Germany. You can see these photos here on my website:

pope, with his white costume, greatly resembles Osiris, the Green Man
of Upper Egypt. There was another earlier Green Man in Lower Egypt, the
pyramids area, called Ptah, who is possibly an import from Asia, ie,
Buddha. Other figures such as cardinals and bishops bear the 'crook' as
held by pharaohs, and also either the crowns of lower or upper Egypt or a
kind of composite crown. This indicates the rulership of Egypt once
stemmed from religion, and that Egypt was seen as the center of the

The Triple Goddess is seen at Giza and Giza really
represents Hermes Trismegistus which as a male trinity had a female
counterpart which has been expunged from the Bible. In fact, Goddess
Isis was seen as the queen of wisdom, also removed from the Bible as
well as a holy virgin. Isis was worshipped on the Giza plateau as she
was a newer name for the Ancient Triple Goddess which had male and
female attributes at Giza, 3x3 = 9 pyramids at Giza!

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

One Picture, 1000 words. More proof the Sphinx head is 're-built from "R...

What's going on with the Sphinx then? 


The Sphinx head is really weird compared to the rest of the structure. It's too wide to have been carved from Anubis' neck, so what's going on? The head is full of 'bubbles' suggesting it was formed all at once, maybe in a mould, and bits of it are even flaking away! 

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Australia's Unknown "Oak Island", Excavation attempts.. PLUS site visit ...

Part two of the information about Ben Bonito's treasure. A history of
the excavations, plus we visit the site at Queenscliff. Seems Swan Bay
was where it was all located. It's a swamp and you can see where cliffs
have been absolutely obliterated, blasted away by treasure hunters in
the fifties.

Monday, 31 July 2017

Is there "Pirate Treasure", located in Australia? The treasure of "Blood...

Incredible Unknown Pirate Treasure in Australia?  By #Charles_Kos

"The origin of the treasure he buried, is Lima, Peru. In 1820,
authorities had been close to losing control of the city, in events
related to the Peruvian War of Independence, The authorities decided to
move their entrie treaure to mexico for safe keeping.

treasure comprised unbelievable amounts of wealth, thousands of pieces
of eight, thousands of gemstones inlaid into golden objects, 4000
dubloons, 5000 mexican crowns. Included was a remarkable seven foot
Virgin of gold weighing 780 pounds, on which were 1684 jewels. Three of
those were four-inch emeralds on the pectoral and six are six-inch
topazes on the crown. There were also seven crosses covered in diamonds.
The value today would be incalculable

Thompson deicded that he
would be a fool to part with this incredible treasure. It was of course
accompanied by Spanish marines, as well as priests. Thompson massacred
them all. He then sailed to Coccos island and buried most of the loot.
The Spanish however were on his tail. He and his ship the Mary Dear were
boarded, by the frigate 'Espigle', and the pirate crew met with a
grisly death on the yardarm.

About to be executed, Thompson and
the first mate cut a deal. They would lead the Spaniards to the treasure
in exchange for their lives. Upon reaching Coccos Island, He led the
Spaniards down a long and false path, deep into the jungle. He then
bolted, disappearing forever. It's unknown what happened to the first

Some treasure hunters, think that Thompson made it back to
Newfoundland with the help of a whaling ship. He never appears again,
bu appears to have a successor, with a strange name, Benito Bonito, of
the Bloody Sword. The name is convoluted, lengthy, and it must have been
something like Bloody-Sword Ben for short. This pirate also liked to
bury American treasure at Coccos island which he had raided in the
Americas. " ETC!

Friday, 28 July 2017

Thursday, 27 July 2017

WHAT?! Old Oral Tradition says GREAT PYRAMID built by EARLIER(?) "god", ...

This is just so interesting. What appears to be occurring is that an ancient tradition differs to the current archaeological understanding of Giza! The current understanding is that the Great Pyramid was built by Khufu but this is not what ancient texts state. In fact it would seem that the oral tradition might correspond with an earlier king, "Saurid/Sofe/Sophis", who might correspond to Sosos, a God King.

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Sunday, 23 July 2017

Nephilim Vault found just behind Sphinx! 7 Gigantic Coffins! All hushed ...

This is a real scoop on a par with the "Alien Coffins" of Saqqara report
which was in the news last year! It looks like we had much the same
immediately behind the Sphinx. In fact, It looks like this could be the
true purpose of the sphinx, namely, to guard "Campbell's tomb". But why
WAS the Sphinx gaurding a tomb with 7 gigantic (NEFILIM?) coffins? (Now
Missing!) Coverup? And why is this all hushed up? I had to dig to find
this! Are these the former masters who wished to be guarded by a dog for
Eternity? This information is not very 'out there' or accessible, but I
thought it was very interesting.

The Sphinx once guarded the
tomb of seven nephilim masters. By Nefilim, I mean biblical giants = Cro
Magnons of the past, the former type of Homo Sapiens. These would refer
to the God Kings who go back in Egyptian history for tens of thousands
of years.

Several Giza archaeologists in the 20th century appear
to have done a lot of digging but not much publishing, so it's hard to
see what was really going on. One is an exception, Selim Hassan, who
published his discoveries in great detail. Anyway, he was shocked by
their size, but simply said that oxes were buried in them. (no bones!)
The other alternative is that, of course, they were precursors of
Babushka dolls, with one coffin inside another, so they had to be
extremely huge. These however were much bigger than Tutankhamun, New
Kingdom stuff! Anyway the Coffins that Selim say in the 30s and 40s are
gone, except for maybe one, and of course the one which is held to the
tomb of Osiris, ie Khufu's tomb.

For those who remember the
discovery last year, or rediscovery of the "Alien Coffins" at Saqqara,
about which I made a video, this was basically the same thing. There
seems to be a VAULT behind the Sphinx. You descended and found a pair of
weird 'buildings' which appear to have been some kind of light-viewing
device, now lost. Then in a lower room down another shaft were seven
enormous coffins, (mostly missing) then below that another shaft and
lower vault resembling the description of the Tomb of "Cheops' in
Herodotus. (Uncovered again in 1999 as 'Tomb of osiris')

Part of
the reason this was all hushed up was to protect the pyramid is a tomb
theory, no doubt, as this vault was also known as Cheops' Tomb.

Saturday, 22 July 2017

Old Photo tells everything! Sphinx has "Attached Head", not 'Carved'. Se...

Could the Sphinx head have been attached, rather than carved from an earlier head? All the 'Ancient Egyptian' restorations of the Sphinx have tried to make it feline, perhaps not knowing what it was, for the entirety of Egyptian History. This in itself is a huge proof for the tremendous age of the Sphinx.

60,000 year old Genetic "Reset Device" ? Pandora's box, Ark of the Coven...

"According to the Pandora's box story, Why is pandora's box, a box from which all manner of insect species ensued?! Why a box? Did this actually happen?

The Noah story of rescuing animals, is possibly mixed up with the story of a technological box which was possibly used to preserve all species with samples of their DNA, also known as an ark! The two stories became combined. For instance, who would tell a story of two of every kind of animal fitting on a boat?

We need a scenario to explain the two stories, of pandora's box, as well as Noah's Ark, as well as explaining the existence of the other Ark, and its bizarre electrical properties, out of which 'strange fire' ensued.

The Ark of the covenant may have been unearthed in some geopolymer cave or once held inside the Great Pyramid itself as as time capsule. It was carried around by the israelites, fleeing their homes in the Nile Delta, as an artefact and lucky charm to assist in their future vicories, inside a tent they called the tabernackle. It is one of the many abundant proofs of a lost supercivilization. The splendour of the technological artefact proved for them that god was real and had made a promise to their nation. It may have been made of an indestructable material. It is evident to any who attempt a study of hte ark, that it is a kind of electrical device. The electrical properties, which seem to have struck down any who attempted to open it, may have been a kind of power generating nuclear supply, which would last for eons, if necessary, and built with a technology that we today cannot fathom. There may have been basic instrucitons on how to open the box, to replenish the world with all of its species. There is a question of whether the Arks, or Pandora boxes, containing the DNA of all species, were built for lay or specialised users. Were thy simply a refrigerated device made for storing micro or nano-arrays of millions of samples of DNA, or were they built to be opened by anybody, thence automatically functioning, spreading spores out, across the local area, to create a forest ecosystem populated by insects. This was followed by the timed release, later, of animals, to 'factory reset' the world to the way it was, before the advent of the supercivilization.

It is apparent that even in our own era, civilization is accompanied by the destruction of nature. In less than one hundred years time, the fish of the world's oceans will have been long gone. The same problem was long-apparent to a civilization which existed long before our own. Their naturalists of eighty thusand years ago scoured the globe in search of the DNA of every species. It was then thought to be prudent, and benevolent therefore, to place the samples within indescructable boxes, to pop open, with explosive charges, timed to re-releease older species, once found on the planet, every fifty thousand years, or at any appropriate time period, thus restoring the world, to a former state, just in case. As an act of benevolance to future generations, a 'pandora scheem', initiated as early as 100,000 years ago, or even earlier, was possibly enacted. In this way, any superweapons system would be accompanied by an automated clean-up period afterwards, consisting of regeneration of the earth's ecosystems, as per before their own era. They wished to hand a pristne world to future humans, erasing the memory of their own intelligent, yet self-destructive kind, forever.

Their scheem failed. The Amazon became an out of control monster, quickly consuming cities and towns, once built over desert-like sandy soil, with only small temperature rises. The Sahara either failed to regenerate or became a desert. Australia remained a waste land.

This scenario may explain why the world was filled with mammoths, and other wild creatures, quickly hunted down by huamns after the recovery of human populations, well after the last series of great catastrophies, which seem to have put an end to the Great World Civilization, between 60,000 and 12000 Years ago. They had simply been recreated, the older civilzaition once again overrun with nature, and humans decimated to a very low number of survivors, after devastating impacts in Carolina, and across the Northern Hemisphere.

The civilization before the catastrohpe barely knew the days of the technologhy of old, from before sixty thousand years ago. The civilization which followed the catastrophe, was even more in ignorance, only recalling the memory, in Egypt, that all the world was of one language. It was more primitive than the one which it had replaced, and today we refer to it, with some justification, as the stone age, an age lacking mercy or compassion.

An interesting fact, alluded to in a previous video, is that the sarcophagus in the khufu pyrmamid is about he same size as the dimensions of the ark of the covenant, as provided in the Bible. In addition, the pyramid itself was made to be almost indestructable, by its sheer size and precision, along with the the wieght of the immovable massive blocks, able to survive any flood, or even cometary or atomic devastation, and emerge without even a scratch. It is perhaps resembles the fall-out architecture of lost supercivilizations. It is said that Khufu wished to build a pyramid able to survive any catastrophe, which would preserve the science of the anceints, whaterever that was. It is a legend handed down through the ages. Arks such as Tutankhamun's which are rather similar, but lack the electrical properties described in the Bible, may be replicas, Egyptian variants, designed to show royal authority in Egypt and divine sanction.

It was a case of, If they have one, why can't we have one too? "

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Photos reveal Australia's Lost "Atlantic" Pyramid, Obelisks, Statues. Ex...

The demolished Gympie pyramid near Brisbane appears to have been of the
"Atlantic" style. This means it would have pointed to solstices, etc,
rather than North South East West. Possibly built by the Long Ears or
Guanches, a Corsica-like civilization.

Monday, 17 July 2017

Jesus was "celebrating Easter" at the last supper? Tiwanaku deity = 'Bab...

Romans changed the bible so that the last supper was some strange tale of intrigue or something. But it occurred at Easter, so was it really an Easter celebration? In addition, easter actually means 'east'. It means facing the east to venerate the dawn sun at this time of year, which happens to be the spring equinox. We thus watch the re-birth of the sun god who becomes more powerful, turning from a baby, into an adolescent. This explains why Jesus is born on December 25th, as a baby sun god, dying at easter (so he can be reborn as a more powerful deity), which in the old system was an adolescent sun god. Also, happy solstice! 

Sunday, 16 July 2017

Stonehenge, Old Sarum, built on 50,000 year old (?) enormous CERN-type S...

Was an enormous incredibly-ancient synchrotron, re-used, over the
generations, to found a civilization which I compare to 'Atlantis'
subsequently, used to build Stonehenge after the sinking of the
landmass? Explains why Britain 'rich in metal' if they were stripping
this down? Was Orichalcum even some futuristic metallic substance
stripped out of the synchrotron tunnels? (In an earlier video,
Orichalcum was compared with an allow of Zinc which is generally found
in America.)

CERN is 17 miles in circumference, this is 37 miles.

Saturday, 15 July 2017

Capital of Atlantis, center of a '666'x6x6mile superfortress, Finally Re...

Capital of Atlantis, Stonehenge built from the debris of one of the fortress bastions which was six miles distant. This geography matches Plato's description!

Friday, 14 July 2017

Thank you for 8000 subscribers! Help me get to 100k!

I want to say a HUGE thank you to everybody for helping me reach this milestone! Very flattering! 8000, that's like a Roman Legion, it's an army! It's the size of an army!

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Is this is what the Arthurian 'Sword in the Stone' was?

Statue Menhirs in Corsica could be what the 'sword in the stone' refers to.

Baffling mid-century 'disappearance' of Great White Pyramid with "Crysta...

This is an incredible video, about the Great White Pyramid in China. Have we really discovered it in the Wu Han pyramid? Is the Wu Han pyramid merely a stripped down version of the earlier pyramid?

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

EXCLUSIVE: 800-year-old Geomantic, "random number," COMPUTER. Experts lo...

This is an absolutely incredible device. You make a wish and turn dials and it reads your future. No-one knows how it works or anything. It's 800 years of age. All the credit goes to the Antikithera mechanism but nothing goes to this, which is really sad!

Monday, 10 July 2017

Portugese Fort, Delphic Oracle, built on on 'Prehistoric' Polygonal Supe...

I was reading a book about Atlantis from the 1990s, when I realised that the author mentioned that Prince Henry the Navigator had his own 'polygonal fort'. This research has stemmed from there, with realizations that The underlying fort at Sagres is most similar in appearance to that underneath Delphi!

Friday, 7 July 2017

Sphinx was eroded by PREHISTORIC SWAMP, 10,000 BC- 5000 BC EVIDENCE?

Sphinx is amazingly awesome. How about a compromise, between both the theories of Robert Schoch, and Robert Temple?

vokoscreen 2017 07 07 20 17 43

The official view is that pyramids evolved just in Egypt and everything else, particularly in Asia is 'not' a pyramid. Strange then that the name Khufu is also found across Eurasia, along with pyramids! How strange...

Thursday, 6 July 2017

Giant Cranial Capacity depicted in ancient Pre-Egypt statues!

Just some amazing stuff. Imhotep is depicted with an enormous head. Coincidence?

"ORICHALCUM" INGOTS salvaged! So... Worldwide Polygonal fortresses are t...

Orichalcum was actually so expensive, because it had to come all the way from America? And how about those Megalithic walls which are found worldwide, are they actually trading station for the Orichalcum traders?

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Ancient Teutonic Church in Poland ignores Rome, retains FERTILITY TEMPLE...

This is the church of Chełmno in Poland. Just a spectacular place full of pagan imagery from the old religion

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

British Archaeology "Can't Acknowledge" ANY pre-ROMAN city/town!? Why?

This is just unbelievable. Why are so many places not acknowledged? There is a tradition in the UK that every city or town is Saxon or Roman.

Monday, 3 July 2017

Update: "GIZA CAPSTONES FOUND in ISTANBUL", Real Capstone = 9m. Drawing,...

The Giza capstones on the drawing of the Hippodrome from 1580, based on a drawing of about 1480 are about the right size to have been the Giza capstones!

Sunday, 2 July 2017

Rains 'ERODED' Sphinx, but failed to rot this 'OLDER' dress found 50km a...

This is amazing. Why might ancient rains erode the sphinx but leave untouched the oldest dress in the world. How about ancient papyrus which remains? All dry!

So.. We are "Out of the Ice Age", but mammoths STILL Frozen?! ... Hapgoo...

So, we are out of the ice age but temperatures are still colder in siberia than before the catastrophe which snap froze the mamoths? HUH?!

Saturday, 1 July 2017

Friday, 30 June 2017

(SYCHRONISM!) Avebury originally a SQUARE monument. (Circle builders cam...

A few things here. Two cultures in Britain, the square temple culture and the round temple culture. Round temple culture matches the Atlantic lands and Asia. Square temple everywhere else. This relates to the Atlantis story! In addition, we can see the Atlantis lands and a huge confederation inside the Mediterranean which may have opposed them.

Mastodon bones in Cali, 130k years old with tool marks. Careers in tatters

This is most curious. How many bones were thrown away over the last 100 years, and even today, because they are found in 'intrusive' layers which don't fit the flawed narrative?

Thursday, 29 June 2017

WOW! HUMANS now millions of years older and "OUT OF AFRICA," history!

Speaks for itself! This has hardly gotten any attention but it's
basically the discovery of another 'Lucy' which is double the age of
Lucy! Lucy no longer our missing link!

Archaeologists break ranks! Skull of Homo Sapiens "dated" 40k years... a...

This is an extraordinary vindication of everything that 'alternate archaeologists' as we are called, have been saying!

Stonehenge is "CHEAP OFFCUTS" of uneven quality. All is of an OLDER BUIL...

Stonehenge is essentially a mess of different types of stones. This is rather interesting because it would imply that the builders were using what they could get their hands on, perhaps even improvising and making a few stones themselves, but that ultimately the sarsens and bluestones are sourced from another structure.

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Leprechaun-size doorways in Ancient Irish churches, and 'Fairy Rings'!?

So anyway, what are these tiny doorways doing on ancient Irish churches, etc? These are found on the Cong monastery as well as Irish Ring Forts.

EXCLUSIVE! Red (Orichalcum?) "wall?" surrounded STONEHENGE. Relic of DOM...

Bizarre! Why did this 'red wall' once surround Stonehenge? In addition, it would seem that this is evident on at least two different ancient drawings? Could this be the relic of an ancient stupa, or domed structure which surrounded the monument?

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

FACT: Normans built ZERO "Mottes" in England... or anywhere! IGNORANCE A...

For centuries historians held that except for the Romans, Normans, Saxons, Britain was in a state of "Ignorance". Therefore everything must be built by these civilizations. The real ignorance is our own. Norman Mottes are not built by the Normans.

Was It was "VIRACOCHA" DISEASES which wiped out the MAYA EMPIRE in c.800...

Check my latest video! Was it Viracocha diseases, ie that is, the plague of JUSTINIAN, brought by IRISH travellers or some other Viracocha, direct to the Yucatan peninsula?

Thursday, 22 June 2017

PARADIGM SHIFT: Enormous CITY discovered next to Angkor Wat!! Prester Jo...

Humungous city discovered next to Angkor Wat. Both a revolution in paradigms, as well as possible location for Prester John's kingdom? (Could it have been India as well?)

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

The Numidian Romans (Algerians) copied the INDIAN Sanchi Stupa Also? Wan...

An even closer resemblance to the Sanchi Stupa than the Pantheon lies in Algeria. It is known as the Tomb of a Roman Queen. 

Did "Stoic"(Buddhist) Romans, returning from INDIA, build the PANTHEON t...

It would seem that the Romans copied the Sanchi Stupa. Their Stocism is also so simlar to Buddhism.

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Indians plastered ATOMIC THEORY across their monuments?! Drew atoms!

Ancient India knew atomic power! Woohoo!

"Carl Wark" Northern UK. Are these an ancient superfortress, or just mes...

Carl Wark is basically an ancient megafortress. Amazing. Absolutely amazing!

THIS is behind the SEVENTH DOOR. (dangerous GMO LAB?) EVIDENCE

There is various evidence that looked behind this crazy door is in fact an ancient GMO lab. The information is encoded in the door!

Last supercivilization lost in catastrophe. Archaeologists silent. Why?

My discussion of what's up with archaeology, mythologists, ancient historians, on why they are not discussing the obvious lost civilization responsible for so many lost technologies.

Saturday, 17 June 2017

'Greys' are human and "destroyed the Earth" in 10,000 years. Messed with...

In this scneario, greys have utterly destroyed planet earth! They are coming back through time by using quantum entanglement technologies.

70,000-years-old 'Machined Pillar' and THAT indestructable iron pillar. ...

Absolutely unbelievable ancient machined pillars and the bizarre indestructable Iron Pillar. Must have been made by ancient supercivilization that was destroyed in the Toba explosion!