Friday, 13 October 2017

ABU RAWASH pyramid didn't "explode", but "IS" PRE DILUVIAN?!

This is interesting 1) There is a Grand Gallery in this pyramid which no-one talks about. 2) There is a boat pit lined with horribly primitive stones. In fact the boat pit at the Khufu pyramid is not even lined with stones at all... which tells us... KHUFU ET AL DID NOT BUILD THE PYRAMIDS! This is the first time I've seen clear evidence that the pyramids are older than the Old Kingdom! Now I am thinking that they date from the Demigod or Nephilim period!

In addition there is a clear layer of mud or something which has turned into rock but was once mud, on top of the boat pit. We cannot see if the Egyptians cut through this layer or the layer came after, as there has been too much looting in this place!

Thursday, 12 October 2017

The Tiwanaku "Viracocha God" found in Australia.... because of this!

Tiwanaku, VIRACOCHA GOD, found in Australia?

What's going on? The Tiwanaku god may appear with hands outstretched upwards.... or even downwards, in which case he would actually resemble Baiame, the Australian Creator God who has the same role as Viracocha! Inconceivable! The way to explain this is that the Viracocha travelled across the Pacific and actually reached Australia, and thrived here! 

We also compare this god with the Raimondi Stela where we see that he has a big bad brother, who looks a bit mean! 

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Old GIZA Drawings Reveal "ENORMOUS" Nearby ruins now LOST to ARCHAEOLOGY!

Ancient Ruins of Heliopolis seen near Giza?!

This is unbelievable. It would seem the remnants of Heliopolis are seen in this old French picture of the Giza complex. Probably destroyed in the 19th century. In particular it would seem there is a temple complex which by its appearance could be New Kingdom. Then again it could just as easily be Old Kingdom, we do not really know. 

One must ask why, did the Arabs in 641, decide to build a new city for themselves, right next to the pyramids? Why did they not use Alexandria, or some other Egypto-Roman city which was already established? They must have had a plenitude of building materials at their disposal. This is all now underneath Cairo. 

Archaeologists say that Heliopolis is now 15-20 meters underneath the northern part of Cairo! They also say that Memphis, 20km to the south of Giza, which was the capital of Egypt for thousands of years, only had 6000-30,000 people in the Old Kingdom! I cannot accept this figure because it would mean that the pyramids were not even built during the Old Kingdom... too few people for such an undertaking! 

Sunday, 8 October 2017

Why Khafre's Pyramid is smaller, may leave you with no words!

Why Khafre's Pyramid is SLIGHTLY Smaller may leave you with no words! 

There is a huge CLUE as to what is going on at Giza regarding the fact the Khafre pyramid is a tiny bit smaller than the Khufu pyramid.

One the one hand, the Great Pyramid, with all its earth measures (geomancy), might actually refer to the Earth itself, in terms of the arrangement with the other pyramids. In this case the Khafre pyramid could refer to Venus, our sister planet, which is slightly smaller, but there seems to be a better explanation... Atomic Theory! 

Let's look at this! In this scenario, it would seem that the Khufu pyramid might represent a neutron, being white, neutral, 'Earth'. It is a fact that a proton is slightly smaller, having been converted from a proton by the ejection of an electron, represented by the Menkaura pyramid. This would represent a lone inner pair. 

The outer reactive orbital of any atom is the one which forms bonds. In this case, we have six small outer pyramids. Using the periodic table, we could argue that the entire Giza complex therefore represents the Oxygen molecule! This is amazing! NOW we ask... why worship Oxygen? The answer? 

Monday, 2 October 2017

King Arthur's Suspicion about the Great Pyramid may shock you!

Did the Grail Quest involve the Great Pyramid? 

Excalibur was not a sword but some kind of technological device and was probably seized from the great pyramid or something similar. 

We're not just gonna suggest it, we're gonna prove it! 

Firstly Excalibur is clearly not a sword but a kind of electrical cannon. In battle after battle, Arthur single handedly slays hundreds of people. There is only one thing on earth which can do this: high technology. Excalibur was a super-weapon of some sort. Swords to not of their own accord win battles and kill multiple people. No sword can do that. Of course monks and others writing the ancient legends down could translate the weapon in no other way that people would understand, but as a sword. King Arthur is in part a science fiction story describing technology from deeply ancient times. Historical Arthurs may simply be imitators. 

The story is also only partly british. The mainstay of the arthurian legend derives from khazakstan in central asia, where the local legends sound like arhturian lore. Celts sweeping across Asia carried the tales to the British isles where they were kept safe. On the contiennt, new conquests elimintaed the peoples who brought the stories. Khazakstan is also the location of the Apple component of the Adam and Eve story, as apples derive from there. 

Excalibur was given to Arthur by a lady in the middle of a lake. Of courrse we know there are not goddess ladies in the middle of lakes so what do the legends talk about? 

Herodotus clarified much of this for us in his histories when he described the pyramids of lake moeris in the middle of a lake. The Giza pyramids also appeared to be in the middle of the lake. The giza pyramids in roman times were the location of the worship of the goddess, deriving from the triple goddess. This later became christianised into the virgin in later times. We also see the inscription "Hermaois Terismegistus" on the sphinx stela. Let me explain. When Thutmosis the IV went to sleep in front of the sphinx, he had a dream that it was speaking to him, asking to be uncovered. On his dream stela he refers to the beast as: 

"Horemakhet-Khepri-Ra-Atum. This is four gods strung together. The Greek version of the First, HoremAkhet could be Hermes, and then three gods added. In other words... Hermes... Tris Megistus, a single god, who actually has a triple form. The sphinx is Hermes Trismegistus. 

Trismegistus means Triple Majestic, or the Thrice Great and is one of the oldest of mankind's gods in the greek world. The trinity is after all a stone-age phenomenon. At Giza we see not only three pyramids but nine, which are therefore a a 3 by 3 representation. These are tombs not of men, which are found nearby but gods, and possibly also a storage for technologies and artefacts of these ancient gods and god kings who once ruled Egypt, according to Egyptian lore, before 5000 BC. This is all something I cover in my book. 

The Virgin is the ultimate goddess. The Trinity too was a fundumental part of the religion of the old times, with god until the middle ages and even more recently depicted in churches as an eye inside a pyramid. This legend was the inpspiration for Tolkien's Eye of Mordor. In this sense the eye lives in the mountain, just as King arthur lies sleeping but will one day awaken when his people need him, just like other kings such as Charlemagne and Alric and Barbarossa. 

An ancient device of tremendous destructive power which may have been seized from the great pyramid is the ark of the covenant. The dimensions of the kings sarcophagus match the ark, showing it may have likely been an effigy of the ark, and certainly not a box for a coffin. After all the Biblical religion in part originated around the area of the great pyramid. The Israelites developed the worship of a war god who would free them from bondage. The existence of the ark was the proof that this god existed. 

Due to some curse or ruin which befell britain, It was important for King Arthur to send his knights to a deep foreign land where they had to penetrate the grail caslte to view the holy of holies hwich was supposedly the holy grail which shone with a bright light. Grail castles are depicted in old paintings as shining white fortresses on a hill far away. They supposedly had no windows or entrances and were difficult to get into. Their appearnace is very much how a person would describe a huge pyramid, if one had only a general description. If it relates to the Giza pyramids, the story was written when they still had their outer white cladding of limestone. 

One thing we actually know about Khazakstan is they built pyramids not unlike the pyramids at Giza... we are only on the cusp of discoveries in this area! They built pyramids in imitation of giza, or even before Giza. The arhturian legends is goodness-knows how many of tens of thousands of years old! 

So important was the grail quest to return or to recieve a precious artefact or ancient technology which he somehow thoughut would save his kingdom, that Arthur had no hesitation in sending out all of his bravest knights, in other words, his entire army, leaving only a skelleton force to protect his kingdom from teh ravages of Mordred's army to the north. Arthur was relying on the return of some superweapon which would complement excalibur, which would help his kingdom survive. The tales of superweapons as found in ancient India, may have been more prolific. I feel these texts were in libraries the world over. Arthur's primordial world, hwenver it was, was no longer in this era of high technology characterised by the lost supercivilization. It was long after the Toba eruption! He therefore needed to open some ancient vault in order to recover a piece of lost technologies. Such a pieace of technology was literally a kingmaker. I imagine that when man finally loses the ability to make bullets, firearms will continue to be handed from chiefdom to chiefdom out of pure ceremony. 

I have always felt the grail quest was not a quest for an object but a quest to return an object or relic, to remove a curse. But at the end of the day we do not really know. Later commentators and authors in the dark ages had little clue how to translate the ancient technological terms so instead we have confusing effusive plots where the original story has been confused and lost. 

Arthur's knights were skillful commanders, the best and most worthy. Arthur didn't just want skillful leaders. He didn't want a coup on his hands. The knights needed to be decent people as well. They had each already distinguished themselves by tremendous initiative, formitable cunning and battle skill, and the highest in morals, with morality as their very religion. They were the best of the best, and they would surely recover the artefact for Arthur. On the grail quest they faced numerous challenges and they lost thier way, most of them never returning to arthur, for they had sworn the quest would be accomplished or they would die trying. they seem to have been absolutely true to their word, prefering death to the dishonour of returning empty handed, never seeing thier homes again because the quest was almost an impossible one. As legend has it, only one knight, Sir Percival, was able to penetrate the grail castle. He was only able to view some strange electrical apparatus, the light of God, only given the chance to view it, and perhaps only in a dream, which is described in a bizarre way, as if he had recived some electrical shock. The quest had failed. Was this the memory of an excavation of the great pyramid? 

Arthur's kingdom, wherever it was originally located on the planet, was lost. Lacking his generals, who were busy possibly conquering Egypt, in order to open or demolish the pyramids in search of an ancient artefact, Arthur faced his enemies almost alone, falling in battle. His final wish was to return Excalibur to the lady in the middle of the lake. 

Friday, 29 September 2017


Atahualpa and the Puma Punku Stones?!

Bolivia is the home of Puma Punku which seems to have been used as a
quarry for generations, to build Tiwanaku and other structures... yet
what of this... what of Coricancha, Peru?

Coricancha was a fabulous temple of gold, the most important in the Inca
Empire. We can even see slots where the gold would once have been
fitted. (Just like the nubs would have held gold up, in the cities of

We see Puma-Punku type stones with very similar cuts in the door of
Coricancha, which is extraordinary! 

There is also a dam in Yemen, the
Marib Dam, which is built about in the time of Solomon. This could
correspond to the land of Sheba, also. Solomon seems to have sourced
orichalcum or some other mineral from the Americas, hence a link to the

The Marib dam looks very similar indeed to what is going on at

It was evil conquistadors of Pizarro who ultimately stripped the temple
during their conquest of the Inca Empire. Most of the gold used to
random Atahualpa was taken from here! 

Friday, 15 September 2017

A "JUDGE FOR YOURSELF" (Giant?) found at Hanging Rock... AUSTRALIA's DEV...

Is this a carving of the fallen Angel? 

Hanging rock, Victoria (Mount
Diogenes) is truly Bizarre. It is a 'volcanic plug', or so they say!
This makes it rather similar to the creepy Devil's Tower, and this place
is also known for `abductions' albeit fictional ones!

I believe that many of the vertical volcanic elements of this could
encapsulate a fossilised forest of sorts. 

The place is just so strange
and bizarre and different, I am really not quite sure to make of it all.

On the one hand we have this statue of a fifty foot tall giant... or is
he a fossilised tree or merely basalt left over from the volcano? To me,
he seems to have been carved somewhat, but why who or what? 

We also
have this crocodile-like formation which is also odd!

My theory on all this is that a forest was buried, with trees far more
ancient than are seen today, but not totally unlike the trees of today.
Perhaps these were similar to large banksias, which are the previous
type of Eucalyptus. Then, the trees were covered over and quickly

Then they were fossilised. What remains is a mixture of fossil
trees and volcanic crystal basalt. At least in some respects some tree
imprints and grains appear, strangely to be preserved!

Then there is the curious story `Picnic at Hanging Rock', in which some
schoolgirls on a daytrip go missing. Look, the whole story is completely

Having said that there is indeed a force of sorts at work,
possibly something geomagnetic, or such, which is causing a type of
attachment to the landscape. a TRAILER to this vid is available on my
Dr. Charles Kos facebook!