Saturday, 9 December 2017

Unknown High-Tech(?) ancient war at Ayres Rock might shock you!

Uluru is a beautiful place. There are exquisite rock pools, with plenty of shade, until the onset of the scorching midday sun. 

The Mala people who reside around Ayres rock have a strange tale to tell which has been handed down from ancient times. Stories known by the Australian Aborigines are among the world’s oldest. Stories which date from the creation as they call it, are often at least tens of thousands of years old. Do they tell of an ancient high-tech world? They might just… though we don’t know for sure and there are a number of interpretations. 

The legend of the devil dingo, has aspects which sound just bizarre, until we perhaps interpret the story from the perspective of a possible ancient military offensive, using high technology that we cannot today fathom.

According to legend, most of the Mala were chased from their home at Ayres rock in deeply ancient times, by the Anungu people, who had in their possession an enormous devil dingo. The story is that the Anungu people from the Olgas, a scary weird group of mountains with Mars-like landscape, with windswept canyons that make it look like scenery out of a Star Wars movie, made an offer to the people of Ayres rock. They offered alliance and also that the Mala should abandon their own ceremonies at the Olgas and instead partake in their ceremonies at the Olgas. 

The Mala refused. In retribution, the Anungu used their black magic to summon up a devil dingo, an enormous creature. But dingo was only one of its forms. As it travelled towards Ayres rock, it was transforming, into a tree, as well as shapeshifting into a bird, and other creatures. 

It sounds a bit like Loki, an ancient devil, who could fly, and also had a son who was a dog, called Fenrir so this could be part mythology, but part something else! Alternately it sounds like different arms in an army, joining up, into one cohesive unit, airbourne, the bird transformation, snipers, the tree transformation, and armoured the dog transformation. 

When it reached Ayres Rock, the dingo, or others, fired missiles at the rock, allegedly causing the cratering seen today. According to another legend, the craters seen in the rock resemble the dingo’s footprints. We have to ask why the rock would suffer damage if it was just a stone-age attack. 

The Mala people eventually fled 200 kilometres to the south. Ancient desert warfare? Stone-age Warfare? Both or, just the latter? It’s really hard to say. 

Furthermore, the Mala aboriginals today cannot understand the pictures or the stories behind them as found in the rock art of Ayres rock. They are carbon dated to ten thousand years old. 

Many aborigines are thought to descend from migrations from India, thousands of years ago, and the Indians of course have tales of ancient high technology from an age undreamed of. We know that Vimanas according to legend, can come in different shapes, as the word simply means vehicle. For example there were Vimanas which could fly in the air, as well as under water. 

There is more, with the whole story spread out into a number of different legends. When the devil dingo reached the rock, the Mala hid in the hundreds of caves which litter the rock, so naturally the rock, with the shade and water it provides, could have been used as a great base for ancient guerrilla warfare, a stronghold. There is a different tale from Ayres rock regarding the battle between the Kunya, and Liru snake people. Over and over again, ancient godlike humans are described as snake people, throughout the world. the Viracocha when they landed in America were called snake people. The Indian legends of high technology describe the snake people as high-tech evil doers. Was this some ancient military badge or insignia? Does it relate to the caduceus symbol?

There is also a story of a retreat into the rocks, which is the Long Kath and Emu story. Apparently one hunter took the dead EMU which had been killed by the spear of other hunters. He retreated to a cave in Ayres rock to eat it but was smoked out by the hunters and burned alive. Does this story relate to the one about the ancient attack on Ayres rock by the devil dingo? Flamethrowers or some ancient technology? A lot of this is speculation, but I think it is reasonable to do so, IF we do have a high tech past, as the ancient Indian texts insist. 

(insert clip where is this devil dog?)
We all know that the ghostly devil dog doesn’t really exist, but weapons of war do. What sort of smokey, cantankerous, clattering mechanism was the devil dog anyway?
Was it some kind of army tank or similar mechanism? 

Thank you for watching and please join me in future videos, as we investigate further. 

Monday, 4 December 2017

IS This is the STRANGEST Building in UK? (Contains Ancient Scientific Wi...

This structure is so exciting! The Rushton Triangular lodge appears to contain fascinating information and ideas pertaining to Pythagoreanism. This religion or way of life was a type of understanding perhaps learned by Pythagoras but we do not know the ultimate source!

In fact, it would seem that rather than this building expounding the trinity, as has been claimed, it actually expounds pythagoreanism! Sir Thomas Tresham (TT) spent 15 years locked up for being a catholic, designing this building. He had formerly possessed a huge library.

In fact, Pythagoreanism, was the physics of the 1500s, this was all before Newton. The idea was that a vibration would induce the creation of the universe. Here we see the building divided up into vibrations. It also represents the four states of matter and possibly also the three kingdoms of animal, vegetable and mineral! Wooohooo!

Saturday, 2 December 2017

THANK YOU for 20,000 SUBSCRIBERS! Let's do a Q

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Ley Lines (ROADS) Across UK and Europe. PROOF of ICE AGE ADVANCED World!...

The St Michael's line across southern England is obviously an ancient road system which would have been glacier free throughout the ice age. It's designed to efficiently bisect Southern England, for purposes of economic exploitation. How many tens of thousands of years old?

There appear to be two types of Ley Lines! For instance, there are the stone-age leys, discovered by Alfred Watkins, which go from hill to hill. Then there are another type, which span countries and even continents and are truly, perfectly straight! These could be based upon ancient superhighways which followed the same routes. There was one in Southern England which may have been an ice age road, which went from the extreme west, (up to Helsinki) all the way to Lands End and perhaps further, to Lyonnesse!

The advanced super-civilization seems to have left behind relics of her former existence! Observe for instance the perfectly straight lines between cities, which must have originally been made out of recycled materials!

There was a Frenchman named, Xavier Guichard, who wrote a book called Eleusis Alesia, in which he stated that there were three basic names for any European city. These are Ales, (Alley!), Burgus, and Antium. He realised that the Alaise name was probably derived from a kind of rest stop where mineral water was found. However these are really rest stops on ancient superhighways!

Sunday, 26 November 2017

Legend holds Khufu found technological plans ("Spaceship Schematic?"). U...

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It would seem that Khufu actually found a document in Heliopolis in a Flint box which was a plan of the chambers of Thoth = Chamber's of Knowledge, some ancient building or even possibly Vimana from ancient times. It's all there in the Westcar papyrus.

In a way, this finally explains why a almost-stone-age person, Khufu, was able to build this pyramid, this enormous edifice, which incorporates all the ratios of planet earth, in such a structure, without possibly even being aware of why these measures and ratios had been selected.

In fact this explains the entire Giza complex. I have often wondered if the whole Giza complex was not designed on a computer. How else are all the mathematical ratios present, yet this could not have been done in Khufu's era. Besides, whoever heard of a machine made of stone?

However the Mahabharata states that one huge Vimana, or Celestial city, which was the translation for space station, in fact very much like the Stupa at Amaravati, which is unbelievable.

Of course all pyramids are really white space-ship like structures. Pyramid really means SPIRE-MIDDLE, the measurement of the central spire. Another measure was PERI-METER which is the circumference. None of these describe shapes. No-one knew what they ancient spaceships were like but people knew they wished to venerate the fallen Angel and even build him a craft to get back into heaven and defeat the other gods!

Discussed are the potters wheel on which man was created, which must really have been a centrifuge, and also, yet again, Adam's ribs. Cheers and consider supporting on Patreon. Wooohoooo!

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Name of "God King" buried in huge 'alien' Sarcophagus behind Sphinx is.....

A quick glance into Manetho's kinglists reveal that OSIRIS was a King of Egypt. So why do Archaeologists insist that a BULL was buried in the TOMB OF OSIRIS?!

Friday, 17 November 2017

"METEOROLOGY" DEBUNKED? Did the Stonehenge people have MORE ACCURATE Wea...

Does the MOON(?) control weather? SHOULD the MET Office be following the MET-onic cycle? 

I once sort of 'verified' this when I noticed the same pattern occurring day after day. First sun in the morning and then cool change and storm in the afternoon but the time of the storm kept shifting.... (with the moon's slight shift in position?) 

Every 19 years the moon returns to the exact same position in the sky and apparently, according to Ken Ring, one can simply go back in time and look at weather records to the day, to see what the weather will be like!